How’d He Do That?

Hand/eye coordination, yeah, it’s a rather big deal if you are an athlete, and if you actually get paid for manipulating a round ball, then you must really be good at it.

This video is making the rounds on the internet:

Nice catch , right? And talk about macho, no ,”Dang, that really hurt”, or even a wince. Wait, you mean that wasn’t real? a Gillette commercial? filthy capitalism. OK, there were some obvious  tells, like no batting cage, why wasn’t the reporter ducking for cover, and what a stupid place to hold an interview.

But it got me thinking about the incredible sports accomplishments that happen everyday, stuff that is real, and stuff that because of modern technology and the world we live in, we get to witness. Today’s athlete is really a marvel of modern science. Just in the last 50 years he has evolved into the unimaginable. And removing steroids from the mix (we’ll save that for another thread) things like diet, sports medicine, even training regiments have changed dramatically. The Olympics motto ,”higher, faster, stronger” is alive and well.

Some examples:

I happen to think that tennis players are pound for pound the best conditioned athletes in the world, who saw this shot last week?

Last year’s World Cup in South Africa provided some jaw dropping shots, let’s stroll down memory lane:

In the 2:00 minute mark, Maicon (2) from Brazil, that shot was what I considered the best goal in the tournament.

And the greatest athlete of that World Cup? Diego Forlan, you gotta problem with that?

Although there are some absolutely superb athletes in the NBA, I’m not including any of their trick shots here because, let’s face it, given enough chances, anyone here can make pretty much any of those trick shots ourselves.

Of course homage must be paid to the best commercials of all time, the McDonald’s Michael Jordan/Larry Bird “Over the freeway, off the billboard, through the window, off the side of the wall, nothing but net”, exquisite.

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  1. richtaylor365 *

    I should probably add that there are other sports athletes that truly amaze me, gymnasts, swimmers (I had a good friend that played water polo-talk about off the charts body fat ratio) even skiers.

    Golfers, bowlers, bocci balls types? Ah, no, no Curlers either, come on.

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  2. richtaylor365 *

    I’m one of those guys that always that Mac was a tool. He plays a lot of senior events and his game is terrific when you factor in age, but even at these events he is still rude, obnoxious, and over bearing, leopard can’t change his spots.

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  3. Kimpost

    I get it. You like good guys, sportsmanship and crap like that. Like the top guys now who genuinely seem to get along. *puke* ;)

    I liked McEnroe. Connors I didn’t like so much. There was something about his personality that I didn’t like, even if he too could be an arse.

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  4. richtaylor365 *

    What about Murray? He is one of those put it out there/emotions on your sleeve type, I like him. I use to like Roddick, he is another fiery one, although his best days are behind him and doubt he will ever crack the top 10 again.

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  5. Kimpost

    He can be kind of a sore loser sometimes, but not to the extent I would like. I would like to see a feud or two. Mac and Connors were at war at times. The really disliked one another. Sampras and Agassi weren’t friends either, but they never really showed it.

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  6. richtaylor365 *

    I don’t know if you ever saw this.

    There was big time animosity between the two during the rivalry, never really boiled to the surface……until this ugly scene. Poor Nadal and Federer, trying to do good by supporting this charity and this happens, ouch.

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  7. Kimpost

    Yeah I remember that. That was great. Thanks for reminding me. You could just feel how Fed and Rafa started to feel uncomfortable out there. Fed even tried to lighten things up. “Wow, this rivalry is intense. Do something Rafa”

    I loved the body serve. And this exchange:

    – You got personal, with me.
    – No, everyone knows it already Pete. It wasn’t personal.


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  8. richtaylor365 *

    Hey Santino, where ya been?

    I already apologized to Kevin for the Red Wings going down, now somebody from Vancouver needs to extent me the same courtesy, that series has been brutal.

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  9. santino

    Lurking mostly. Been pretty busy with work and I have a new addition to the family.

    That series isn’t over by a long shot. Don’t forget Vancouver’s brain fart in the first round. Luongo’s confidence I think is shaky at best. If San Jose can be disciplined I’m guessing the series will go 7 games. Are you actually following the playoffs?

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  10. richtaylor365 *

    Are you actually following the playoffs?

    Marginally, I watched the last game of the Sharks/Red Wings, some of the 2nd Sharks/Canucks, and some of the last Bruin/Bolt game. If things tighten up a bit, I will be a more diligent viewer.

    You watching any NBA?

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  11. santino

    I haven’t been watching too much NBA this year. Mainly because it’s been a pretty good Stanley Cup playoffs.

    I’m on the anybody-but-Miami bandwagon. It’s still hurts after Bosh left town.

    I’m torn on who cheer for in the west. I really like Kevin Durant, he seems mature beyond his years and its nice to see a well-grounded superstar. On the other hand I like Dirk and I wish he could loose his “can’t win the big one” tag.

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  12. richtaylor365 *

    I’m torn on who cheer for in the west. I really like Kevin Durant, he seems mature beyond his years and its nice to see a well-grounded superstar. On the other hand I like Dirk and I wish he could loose his “can’t win the big one” tag.

    Ditto on all of that. Although Dirk and Jason Kidd deserve a ring, those young kids on the Thunder are so much fun to watch. My antipathy for Mark Cuban also can’t be ignored either. I hope it goes 7 and will be happy whoever get’s out alive.

    And I’m really pulling for the Bulls, not sure if they have the horses though.

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