People Behaving Badly

If you guys want to use this thread to vent about some of your pet peeves, have at it, because I’m about to reveal one of mine, most notably, rude asshats and their inability to incorporate the feelings of others in their daily pursuits.

A woman who was escorted off an Amtrak train by police this weekend after she allegedly refused to stop talking loudly on her cell-phone has the Internet cheering her fate.

Civilians and quiet-car champions are supporting her ejection for violating policy at high volume during the 16-hour journey. It doesn’t help her cause that she became belligerent when confronted about it by one of her fellow passengers.

Some things here just defy reality, such as how can anyone yammer on their cell phone for 16 straight hours? How can anyone camped out in a “quite car” clearly marked as such think it social and permissible to annoy everyone around them with a marathon phone call? and most strangely, what took those people in that quiet car so long to reign that woman in? And would you of waited say more than 15 minutes before a serious intervention transpired?

It would of been nice if someone else in that car could of videod some of the altercation between the “disrespected” offender and the other folks trying to intervene but I think we can determine that she did not take their advice in a friendly manner, which culminated in the cops being called and the lady being hauled off of the train.

Some things you can bank on, this woman has probably been contacted by several dozen attorney’s who would give a limb for the chance to sue Amtrak, and you can bet that Amtrak will give her money to shut her up, regardless of the criminal charges brought against her. I would like to see some of the other passengers sue this woman for emotional trauma inflicted and for delaying their journey (not really, I hate frivolous lawsuit, but more bad stuff should happen to this woman).

My normal response to loud boisterous cell phone yackers is to stare them in plain sight with this obvious quizzical look on my face that just screams ,”Are you an effing idiot? None of us want to hear your phone conversation”. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Other things on my hit list: littering, people that treat waiters/waitresses badly, people that let their kids go berserk in public, oh, and guys that lay their hands on a woman, for any reason.

So, anything bug you?

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  1. CM

    Man you could not have picked a better example of what pisses me off. For me, people being inconsiderate (because they just don’t give a shit) would be my No. 1.

    There is one turn I need to make on the way home from work and there is a traffic island before the turn-lane which means that if there are any more than about 12 cars waiting to go straight, you have sit and wait in behind them before getting into that turning lane (after you ass the little island). (I’m sure the island is there for the very purpose of ensuring the turning lane traffic doesn’t get too long)What pisses me off are the people who leave a ridiculous amount of room between their car and one in front. If they moved up appropriately, it would leave enough room for me to get into the turning lane. The thing that makes it annoying is that the turning lane gets a green arrow first, and then it goes red while the main light turns green. So when you finally get to move up and into the turning lane as the traffic heading straight ahead starts to move, you’re always then sitting at a red arrow and need to wait until another whole phase before you can turn.
    What this means in reality is that some people get impatient and go around the traffic island (they drive onto the other side of the road). By definiition they’re doing this close to the intersection, and I’ve seen a few near misses as cars come down the road in the opposite direction and the drivers get a hell of a fright as they see a car darting out onto thir side of the road before nipping back into the turning lane.
    Anyway, that’s my bitch. I also hate ugly people.

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  2. Miguelito

    CM.. ugh, I’ve been in those situations before. The lights in such places really need to be redone to allow turn and straight in the same direction at the same time so that neither one backing up blocks the other.

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    Loud children. Planes, restaurants – just about any public place where I’m paying money to be and the kid is ruining it. If you have kids you have elected to fucking drive for every vacation or leave them with the grandparents until they are 10. You have also volunteered to eat at McDonald’s for that same period of time. Museums, art shows, movies, all of that shit, you don’t get to see with your kids until such time as they know how to shut their mouth.

    The world does not revolve around your snotty brats – leave them the fuck home already.

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    guys that lay their hands on a woman, for any reason.

    I’ll modify that for you – I have a rule, born out of practical experience, that says “nobody gets a free shot at me.”

    I don’t care if you’re less than 5 feet tall and 85 lbs; take a swing at me and I’m putting you on your ass. I’ve known women that size that can, and will, seriously fuck you up if given a chance. Geezers don’t get any special consideration either. It’s not that I’m going to start using my 20+ years of martial arts experience to put them in a wheelchair, but I’m taking the incident to a fast finish with minimal damage to everyone involved.

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    For me Fat asses, at all you can eat buffets, that pile on several plates, and leave uneaten food on those several plates.
    Weird cultural events where food is wasted, thrown or used in mass quantities with out being consumed.

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  6. CM

    Totally agree,

    I have two young kids (2 and 4 year’s old) and I’m careful to the point of paranoid about their behaviour in public, and making sure I don’t engineer situations where they are going to annoy others. If there is one thing I’m making sure I teach them, it’s to be conscious of other people around them in public situations and to act appropriately. Of course at their young age, that’s easier said than done. Which means, as Seattle Outcast has said, I’ve elected to exclude myself from a lot places.

    I HATE loud kids of planes, so we’ve only been on one flight in the since the eldest was born. That was a 3 hour flight to Australia for a beach vacation last winter. The youngest was pretty bad, and I was terribly embarrassed. And we vowed not to get on a plane with him for another couple of years at least (the 4 year old was excellent, he just watched stuff on the screen and ate the food).

    Movies – same deal. Tried it a few times (going to screenings specifically for kids and parents) and I know neither of them are ready to go to a ‘standard’ screening. They just don’t have the attention span.

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  7. InsipiD

    My pet peeve is this new pervasive culture of “respect” that is well demonstrated in the Amtrak situation above. While being disrespectful to several other people, I guarantee that she declares that she was disrespected by them. People who deserve only contempt demand respect, while situations that demand respect get only bad behavior.

    (along those same lines) My neighbor upstairs who doesn’t seem to realize that I can hear tons of noise from his apartment but who stomps his feet if he even hears me talk on the phone. I know where in the room his bed is, and I’m tempted to fill it with 9mm holes while he’s in it.

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  8. CM

    Littering, as Rich also notes in his opening post, also pissed me off a great deal. Like being inconsiderate in public, littering is just showing contempt for your surroundings. I think it’s an act of arrogance. Just keep a plastic litter bag in your car. How hard is that really? Unless you’re looking to get rid of food, you don’t even need to empty it very often. And if you’re walking, shove it in your pocket until you get to a trash bucket somewhere. Again, it takes very little effort.

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  9. InsipiD

    My normal response to loud boisterous cell phone yackers is to stare them in plain sight with this obvious quizzical look on my face that just screams ,”Are you an effing idiot? None of us want to hear your phone conversation”. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

    You could triple your success rate if you added some crotch-rubbing to your routine.

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  10. CM

    Conspiracy theorists piss me off (although at the same time they also fascinate me). Especially when seemingly rational people decide to suspend their rational thought patterns on a single issue. WTF?! If a conspiracy involves anymore than a couple of people, and anymore than a little bit of work, there is a very very high probability that it’s not a conspiracy at all and you need to rethink things.

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  11. Kimpost

    Disgusting eating habits. Open mouth chewing, loud smacking noices. Eating while breathing heavily through the nose.

    People in McDonald’s lines who can’t make up their minds. Some of them might even be ordering cheeseburgers without cheese(!), or Big Mac’s without cucumber. Probably just to slow things down even more, to irritate me.

    TV-channels going to commercial simultaneously.

    People at movies. People just being there is enough, because I know they are going to ruin the experience. With chattering, sell phone tinkering, popcorn gouging, eating chips.

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  12. JimK

    I have a huge list of peeves, (I know, what a shock). One of them is people who don’t consider that other people may need to move through the space they are occupying.

    Why would you stand NEXT to a grocery cart, in a narrow aisle, gabbing with your idiot friend who is also standing NEXT to her cart, making it physically impossible for me to pass?

    Why would you get on a bike trail – WITH SIGNS THAT SAY BIKE TRAIL – and walk your 2.1 lb. dog on a 20 foot lead that is essentially a shoestring and can’t be seen by – wait for it – PEOPLE RIDING A BIKE? Also, why would you stop your child’s stroller in the middle of the bike path, tie your 85 lb. Rottie to the right, then come around and block the only other path available by bending over the stroller on the left? Either you want me to kill your dog, your baby or myself. None of those are acceptable you thoughtless bitch. Move. The. Fuck. Over. Before. Your. Fiddle. With. Your. Precious. Child. Also - and yes I have a lot of bike path ones – if you and your three friends all have 4WD off-road megastrollers, YOU DON’T GET TO WALK FOUR ABREAST AND IGNORE MY BELL AND ME YELLING “ON THE LEFT” AND THEN CALL ME AN ASSHOLE WHEN I GET INSISTENT – AND CLOSE. I REALIZE THAT THIS IS THE ONLY TIME YOU GET TO BE WITH YOUR GIRLFRIENDS BUT FOR FUCK’S SAKE MAKE A LANE.

    Why would you leave a busy theater, knowing you were one of say, 2000 people who just left, and then move exactly one step in front of the doors, then stop to chat with six or eight other morons who stopped with you? NO ONE ELSE CAN GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE BUILDING NOW YOU DUMB FUCKING CUN///////

    Breathe Jim. Breathe.

    I really try hard to physically not be in people’s way. It’s a form of consideration that I don’t think gets much thought, but I appreciate it when people make room for me in whatever the circumstance may be. And so I try to be the guy I want other people to be in public.

    People never fail to disappoint me.

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  13. JimK

    People in McDonald’s lines who can’t make up their minds.

    OMG right? Like McDonald’s menu changes sooooo much that they just get dumbfounded. It’s MickeyD’s, asshole. Pick something or go to Wendy’s where they go slower.

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  14. JimK

    I don’t care if you’re less than 5 feet tall and 85 lbs; take a swing at me and I’m putting you on your ass.

    I’ll modify that one little bit more. You can take a swing, but if you connect with my face, I’m gonna slap the shit out of you. That’s just how it works, guy or girl. I’ve tried many times to not have that reaction, but I have never once been hit in the face and not hit back. Long story, but it’s simply ingrained in me. You hit me in the face and you’re getting hit. If you’re a girl, I’ll try to slap you, but I might punch you and I’ll feel bad, but you shouldn’t hit me in the face. Ever.

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  15. CM

    Cheers. It probably comes from the years of being on the opposite side of the equation. I don’t understand how parents don’t remember that.

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  16. richtaylor365 *

    You could triple your success rate if you added some crotch-rubbing to your routine.

    Or, just whip it out entirely and wave it at her, not sure if the cops would go for that, though.

    Another stunt which I am tempted to try,while next to the offender, take out my phone and, saying loudly ,”‘whassup Boo? Yeah, I’m standing in line here over the “Way, I got this burning real bad in my dick when I pee, I got this stuff I’m suppose to rub on it 3 times a day, Oh, I thinking it’s dripping right now. Listen, you tell those bitches that I’m going to be home later and if each one of them ain’t made a grand, I’m going to beat the shit out ‘em, kids or no kids, I got’s to get paid”, then look over at the stunned phone offender and say ,”I’m sorry, was I talking too loud? annoying isn’t it?”

    Trouble is, I never have my phone handy when I think of stuff like this.

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  17. thelastdakrat

    Ah, yes. They lurk everywhere, not just at poorly designed left turn lanes. I have been known to yell at vehicles in front of me to “pick up the fucking slack already!!” Especially yahoos that prevent you from ordering or paying at the drive-through windows.

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  18. CM

    Oh yeah, put me down for ‘digusting eating habits’ and ‘anyone else in the cinema, even BEFORE they start inevitably pissing me off’ too.

    People who spell my name wrong on professional correspondence.

    Professional people who give me reports to proof-read, but haven’t bothered to go through it first or spell-check it even.

    People who stand in line for ages at any retail or eating place and only start getting their wallet/purse out of where-ever they keep it once they’re told how much it is. For fuck’s sake, did you not realise you were gonna have to pay.

    Also, people that wait around thinking about what to order at a fast-food place and you can’t tell if they’re in line or not. Make it clear whether you are in the line or not.

    People who tell you stories assuming you know the people they are talking about, or when they tell you the second half of a story assuming you know the first part (or you’re expected to guess).

    Fucking people. Where do they get off?!

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  19. Manwhore

    My one of two pet peeve is bad cops who defend bad court decisions. My other pet peeve is state workers who profit from unions and then pretend to be conservative.

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  20. CM

    That’s awesome Jim. I’m with you on all that too. I also appreciate it when people actively show consideration. Maybe that’s an unfortunate result of it not happening very often.

    Man, I’m one grumpy bastard. Can’t imagine what I’ll be like when I actually get old.

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  21. CM

    What about this: people who want to get into political arguments (and get personal about it) at social events. Fucking chill out, we’re here to have a good time, not to pick apart everyone’s political philosophies.

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  22. Seattle Outcast

    Disgusting eating habits. Open mouth chewing, loud smacking noices. Eating while breathing heavily through the nose.

    I see you’ve met my satanic mother-in-law….

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  23. Biggie G

    I really can’t stand people who don’t pick their feet up when they walk. Not much makes me cringe than the sound of flip-flops scraping across the floor.

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  24. AlexInCT

    Cheers. It probably comes from the years of being on the opposite side of the equation. I don’t understand how parents don’t remember that.

    I am sure the parents of annoying kids do remember that. It’s just that they think their little angels doing it is cute, and telling them to shut up and sit down stiffles their growth. When I see this kind of annoying behavior by any kids, I am not mad at the kids, I am mad at the idiots that let them do it.

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  25. AlexInCT

    I hate clowns. They are freaky, sneaky, and probably eat kids like the one in Steven King’s IT. And I especlailly hate the political kind.

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  26. Rann

    My list of driving pet peeves is short, but pretty much all of them get hit every day.

    Changing lanes completely without a signal. Being far enough behind someone who is signaling for a lane change to let them come over, but instead speeding up to get ahead of them. “Weaving” through lanes/traffic. Cutting people off who are trying to get on the highway. Thinking “We shall not yield” was meant to reference the street signs.

    Texans are nice, considerate people riiiight up until they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

    Oh, and rubbernecking. Fucking rubberneckers. At least that’s not an everyday one, but still pisses me off every time. I wish traffic reports would actually go back to calling them rubberneckers… it seems like the problem has only gotten worse since the more professional-sounding term “onlooker delay” became standard. No one gives a shit if you call them an onlooker.

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  27. richtaylor365 *

    I’m glad someone mentioned bad drivers, this ranks way up there with me, but it’s just bad drivers (rude, aggressive, lacking the proper motor skills to man an automobile) , the inattentive (shallow visual horizon, too busy with other stuff like the stereo, putting on make up, yacking on a cell phone, shaving) these guys really burn me.

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  28. Dick Fitzwell

    I always tell people that I come from the School of You Should’ve Known Better. I’m 6’4″ and 230lbs. I’m not huge or anything but I’m pretty fit. I’m pretty easy going–it takes a lot to piss me off. However, I hate when some short punk thinks that he can run his mouth at me and I won’t do anything because he’s so much smaller than me. Fuck that shit. If I can’t convince him to knock it off–he’s gonna get a mudhole stomped in his ass. If that’s what it takes to teach him a lesson, so be it. He should’ve known better. Of course, mudhole stomping is always a last resort. I HATE fighting.

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  29. Dick Fitzwell

    I know this seems like a small thing but I can’t stand when people leave 47 car lengths between them and the car in front of them in the fast food drive-thru. Then the employee says, “Welcome to ________. Can I take your order?” But I’m still 20 feet away from the speaker and I’m just left there hating the guy in front of me. Pull forward you fucking idiot so I can place my order! Move that piece of shit!

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  30. loserlame

    Me, as I get older, I far prefer kids over adults, because kids (still) have real personalities; whereas all adults talk about are sports and global warming (or should be, heh, “for the children” heheh).

    I fix their bikes, now a few local kids want me to go to the pool with them. (Parents should be doing that. Its a precious time in your life). Their generic parents likely already suspect I must be a pedophile, and kids are my intellectual peers, anyway, guffaw, guffaw. Oh, and Bono IS GOD!!

    Adults act like the worst children on the Internet, which reveals, for example, who and what the fans yodeling around in the front rows at the U2 concert are really like. This is both good and bad info.

    The Truth is, as always, that If said person talking on the phone had been a white male talking stocks or sports, nobody would’ve objected. Passengers would’ve been taking stock picking notes. But the perp was an obese female minority with obviously reliable comms, so……..

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  31. samsgran1948

    I was the same way, CM, when my kids were young. God help the kid that opened his or her yap too loudly in public. I was not above a firm smack to the butt in the middle of the grocery store. (These days, people call the cops on you for child abuse.) And, like you, Himself and I pretty much stayed away from places where screaming kids were inappropriate. (Of course, being too poor to afford such places helped!)

    These days, I am training my grandson, 10, and my granddaughter, 7, to keep their voices very, very low in the movie theater. Yes, you can tell me you have to go to the bathroom, but you don’t have to tell everyone else watching the movie. I am also trying to teach them to chew with their mouths closed and not talk while chewing.

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  32. samsgran1948

    Why would you stand NEXT to a grocery cart, in a narrow aisle, gabbing with your idiot friend who is also standing NEXT to her cart, making it physically impossible for me to pass?

    This is going to sound racist as Hell — but here goes: I live in an area of town that is very heavily Hispanic these days, and they seem to think grocery shopping is a group activity. One grocery cart and six or seven people clumped around it. Somebody pulls something off the shelf and there is a big discussion before it either goes into the cart or back on the shelf. GACK!!!!!!

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  33. AlexInCT

    One more pet peeve. Getting calls that are blocked from people that want money for one charity or another, get pissed when you ask them questions about how much of that moey really gets to the people vs. feeds the machine, and worse, when asked where they are tell you they are robocalling from some prison. Can you say no way?

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  34. samsgran1948

    Bad drivers! Yes! Bad drivers! I keep saying that if the Omaha City Council wants to do something truly beneficial for the people of Omaha, it should decriminalize the use of turn signals. Using one’s turn signal in Omaha must be a criminal offense because nobody uses them! It really, really pisses me off when I’m waiting at an intersection and the moron in front of me isn’t moving because he’s waiting to make a left hand turn — BUT HE’S NOT USING HIS TURN SIGNAL!!!!!!

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  35. santino

    I hate lane hogs. I ride my bike to work and I realize that it’s a pedestrian trail as well, but have some common courtesy to stay to the side.

    I hate joggers that run in the middle of the lane. What the fuck is up with that, let’s piss off people in both directions!! Or joggers that use the dedicated bike lanes because God forbid you use the f’n sidewalk!!!!!

    When someone is hogging the lane, and I have enough room to pass, I will get as close as possible without warning them.

    I hate roller bladers because they take up so much damn space.

    I hate people that run out of the subway to be the first to get to stairs and then slowly move up the steps.

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  36. HARLEY

    HA typical! we got 8 officers in my town of 1000, why? the local casino….. so the drive around bored and basically be annoyances.
    so many times i have seen them break the very rules they enforce on others.

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  37. NativeSon

    Texans are nice, considerate people riiiight up until they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

    I beg to differ. Perhaps in the big cities. I live in San Antonio and have seen my share of crap drivers. Like the ones who decide to turn their blinkers on right as they are turning or 5 feet before they turn. But if you drive out in the country you will find some of the most courteous drivers anywhere. The kinds of drivers that will actually pull over to the right to let you pass them on a country road for example. Ang give you a wave and a smile as you pass. Lee and I had a couple of conversations about this right before he moved to China and he was back home visiting his mom.

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  38. NativeSon

    Just saw one yesterday yappin on his phone without using a hands free device even though that is the law in San Antonio.

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  39. NativeSon

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who despises mouth noises while eating. That is my BIGGEST pet peeve. Especially when coming out of an adults mouth! Shut the f*ck up and close your damn mouth while you eat. I don’t need to see it and I sure as hell don’t need to hear it.

    And in defense of the drivers who leave space between them and the car in front of them. I do this all the time but I consider it defensive driving. I never allow myself to get boxed in. I always want to leave me enough room to “escape” if need be. Maybe I’m paranoid. Maybe I’ve seen one too many movie where someone in the front car gets out and shoots the guy in the car behind them and that person can’t do anything about it because he’s been boxed in. I don’t know. But for whatever reason I don’t do it in a drive thru.

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  40. Miguelito

    Why would you stand NEXT to a grocery cart, in a narrow aisle, gabbing with your idiot friend who is also standing NEXT to her cart, making it physically impossible for me to pass?

    In grocery stores…
    People that use the self-serve lanes with a ton of groceries, or worse, lots of produce and aren’t fast with the things. If you don’t know what you’re doing, or have a lot of produce that needs to be looked up, go through a normal lane. I’ve seen people literally take >15 minutes in a self-check lane holding up people with just a few quick items.

    People with WIC coupons that do two checkouts, one with the WIC stuff, the other full of expensive and non-necessary stuff (also booze, cigarettes, etc of course) then get into a brand new car (usually a big, expensive suv) outside.

    Today on the road I had two cars driven by assholes staying in a right turn only lane to pass the line in the next lane, then shoving their way in front of me (so I had no recourse, short of hitting them) to cut into my lane.

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  41. InsipiD

    I don’t know about there, but some of those laws specifically (and very wrongly) exclude police officers from that requirement. It goes back to the already mentioned topic of police slowly defining themselves as a semi-military entity and everyone else as “civilians.”

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  42. samsgran1948

    I’m guilty of leaving too much space, but in my defence I must say that when I took Drivers Ed way, wa-a-ay back in the Dark Ages, I was taught to leave four car lengths between my front bumper and the guy anead of me’s back bumper. If somebody cuts into that space, I just drop back to maintain the same four car lengths. Himself keeps telling me I only need to keep two car lengths, but four is hard-wired into my antique brain.

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  43. Rann

    I leave quite a bit of space too, but it’s learned from experience. Due to the whole “no one uses turn signals” thing, I tend to leave plenty of space for people to suddenly swerve into my lane in front of me. Or when I need to slow up because we’re all zipping along at high speed and suddenly someone has to slam on the brakes to stare at a police pullover.

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