The Taliban Strikes Back

The Taliban has retaliated for the death of Osama bin Laden. As usual, they have done it in the most cowardly way imaginable:

The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility Friday for suicide attacks on a military training facility in the nation’s northwest, saying they were in retaliation for the killing of terror leader Osama bin Laden.

The twin suicide bombings killed at least 80 people, nearly all of them military recruits who had just completed their training, said Bashir Ahmad Bilour, a senior provincial minister. About 140 others were injured.

“Pakistani and the U.S. forces should be ready for more attacks,” said Ihsan Ullah Ihsan, a spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban, who accused the Pakistani military of telling the United States where bin Laden was.

“Osama was our great leader and the killers of Osama will have to pay its price,” he said.

Notice something important: their first strike was against Pakistan, not the US. Their goal here is try to frighten the Pakistani government into bailing out of any cooperation. I’m hoping that it will have the opposite effect. The Pakistani people have to realize that they are being targeted whether they work with us or not. Al-Quaeda is not some front of Islamic liberation (look a few hundred miles west for that) but a nihilistic blood-thirsty death cult that has no use for even the mildest moderation.

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  1. AlexInCT

    As I pointed out before: killing women, children and unsuspecting civilians makes these guys great warriors in the Jihad. Fighting military troops however, makes them all martyrs. No wonder they chose the former. Frankly, and at the risk of turning people off, I think we should make it as hard as possible on them to kill anyone but the people around them. Win-win for us as they murder other muslims and then lose support for their insane Jihad as the populace turns against them and the idea of involuntary martyrs.

    There is a reason we put troops in a country other than Afghanistan and then taunted them to come fight. The ones that came are all fertilizer.

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  2. loserlame

    Osama was but a benign old dinosaur, a Mustache Pete, no longer worth hounding over his alleged participation in that 9/11 thingy, according to global professor Juan Cole.

    However, Young Turk freedom fighters of the Taliban have respectfully disagreed with Cole in typical, deep, rich, ancient, cultural fashion – by killing some 80 infidels, freshly-baked Pakistani military cops, via traditional revenge bombing. Osama was a mild revolutionary servant of Allah, but still worth 80 mortals and counting. How many of the dead infidels were Muslims, I wonder?

    I do understand the martyrs had absolutely NO choice than to kill for Osama, and therefore for the glory of Allah.
    And its a shame how the biased western media doesn’t show us the countless million Muslims currrently protesting this cowardly attack in the name of Islam, religion of peace.

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