Anyone Want To Talk Hoops?

This may not go anywhere, me being a new writer here, but one of the goals I had in mind when I signed off on this was to write about stuff beyond the usual slog of politics, more social topics, human events, and naturally, sports. So here’s your chance sports fans. I can cover pretty much anything you guys are interested in involving a ball and a modicum of physical exertion, hoops, pigskin, Olympics, collegiate stuff, all good.  And if anyone has even the least bit of interest in tennis, that will give me a chubby.

Last night I witnessed pretty much the end of an era. It started with the two teams that have owned the Western Conference for the last 10 years going down like granny getting hit by a skateboarder. It was almost sad to see the geriatrics of San Antonio and LA attempting to relive their glory days, but age has caught up with them. I have been a Laker fan since the days of Jerry West and Gail Goodrich. I lived in LA during the glory years of Magic, Kareem, Coop, and Worthy. Because of my avocation I got access to The Forum and got to schmooze with the big guys. To witness the ignominy in which this illustrious team self destructed this year, terminating in a near riot after the cheap shot thuggery of Bynum trying to take out JJ Barea, very sad and not exactly the way that the best coach in the history of the game wanted to exit. The Lakers need to get blown up in the off season.


Last night I was hoping that Memphis could pull it out. Much like everyone being Saints fans after Katrina, the devastation that has hit Memphis regarding the flooding is heart breaking. As an aside, I am a big fan of the Red Cross, any donations given to them can be specifically targeted to the Memphis area or flood assistance, FYI.


The Thunder have a nice young team with probably the two most exiting young players in the NBA, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. They have had a nice run but Dallas is peaking at the right time (in the NBA, it’s about two things, who is healthy and who is peaking) and Dallas right now is the better team. I think Mark Cuban is a douche but he will get his shot.


On to the east, anybody watch that Celtic/Heat game last night? Lebron took a lot of Heat (intentional pun) for the manner in which he left Cleveland, “bringing his talents to South Beach”. Nobody outside of SoBe cared much for the Heat, the initial derision they brought upon themselves was palatable, and to be honest, even I did not think (this year) that they could bet by the Celtics, but there you are, that “peaking” thing. And right now they probably are the prohibitive favorite to take the title (yeah, yeah, what about the Bulls, more on them in a minute), and please, I do not want to hear how we are witnessing the greatest threesome in NBA history, win a title first, then we can brooch that subject.


So, how good are the Bulls, really” Yes, it is nice to have this years MVP and coach of the year on the same team. Derek Rose (still gimpy?) is The Man, no question, but as Micheal Jordan found out in his first 6 seasons, you can’t do it alone. I’ll admit that I have not seen the Bulls play much this year. Yes, they should get past Atlanta, but it is very difficult when a relatively young Player like Rose has so much foisted upon him. They will need for some other players to step up, I’m looking at you Boozer, Noah, and Korver.


Anybody have teams they are interested in or have thoughts on what’s going on now?




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  1. AlexInCT

    May I recommend a donkey porn post next? I have been meaning to write one, but my research is still ongoing….

    Heh, just kidding. And Tennis is just lame :)

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  2. David

    Not a big basketball fan, prefer hockey. The Stanley cup playoffs this year have been great. Even though I’m still mourning the Penguin’s and Duck’s losses, I’m still excited to see Detriot force a game 7 tonight. I still can’t believe that Tampa got past Pittsburgh (well, actually I can with all thier injuries) and had such an easy time against Washington. They look like a strong contender against Boston in the Eastern finals.

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  3. richtaylor365 *

    I’m still excited to see Detriot force a game 7 tonight

    You had to bring that up? I’m not a big hockey fan (love it in the Olympics though) but yes, living in the Bay Area I will be watching that game to see if the Sharks will really lose a series when up 3 zip. I take it you live in Pittsburgh?

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  4. David

    @ Rich (again)

    Speaking of rugby, the collegiate 7’s tourney is coming up in a few weeks. That should be a great weekend of really good rugby. I went to the USA 7’s in Vegas last February, good times.

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  5. richtaylor365 *

    Rugby players are badasses. I use to shoot hoops with this Somoan dude who played Rugby, I ran into one of his picks, thought I hit the rock of Gibraltar. I was sore for a week.

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  6. CM

    I’m a huge sports fan, but the sports I like best (by some way) are football (as in soccer) and cricket. Then probably tennis (which Alex will like), rugby, rugby league, basketball, and US politics (that’s a sport all by itself right?!) in no particular order. I went through a period of being obsessed with MLB for a while. I enjoy playing golf (I’m getting a little old for sports that require more movement, and contact). These days I’m probably more likely to watch something if it’s the major event/tournament in that sport, rather than because of the sport itself. I.e. I love America’s Cup sailing when it happens (even more so when NZ are winning, or at least doing well). Love heavyweight championship bouts. Love the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments.
    Rugby is the national obsession here of course (but much less so than it used to be). I don’t watch a lot of it these days with young kids, although I never miss an All Black test match.
    One of the best parts of living in London for 4 years was getting a season ticket at a Premiership football club for two seasons. It was Charlton Athletic, a small club who boxed far above their weight (which I can relate to being a Kiwi) and who finished 7th and 12th in the seasons I went. They’re now struggling a few divisions lower than those giddy heights. Fortunate timing. As they weren’t a glamour club, the tickets were very inexpensive, and only 7 rows from the front. As someone who had English football team posters all over his wall as a kid, it was pretty much a surreal dreamlike experience being able to do that. Also went to the odd away game (Stamford Bridge and Anfield were the highlights).
    In terms of basketball – I used to be a statistician in our national league for my local side (the Auckland Stars). Back in early to mid 1990’s. That was heaps of fun. They were the standout team in the league too, with many of the players being current or future internationals (as was the coach). Half the team (and the coach) took NZ to fourth in the world champs a few years later. I had the unenviable job taking the halftime stats into the lockerroom, usually unavoidably interrupting Tab’s halftime yelling. Not always the easiest job…One of the guys in the team is still playing – he plays for the NZ side in the Australian competition (called the NZ Breakers). A couple of weeks ago they became the first NZ side ever to win an Australian competition in any sport (we have teams in their football (soccer), netball (girls sport!), and rugby league comps.

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  7. richtaylor365 *

    CM, at that other blog that I use to write for we had a ball during World Cup, that is about the only time I watch soccer, but when it comes, I watch ALL the matches. i always thought I would take up golf when I retired, but so far I can still play tennis 4/5 times a week, maybe, when I get a bit older.

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    speaking of games, has anyone played Portal 2 year! its Wickedly awesome!
    oh and if you do, play it drunk to! a whole new level of challenge!

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  9. Kimpost

    Sports! Football (as in the game where you actually mostly use your feet) is my passion, but I love many sports. Tennis is a great game, both to play and to follow (especially Federer). Being Swedish I grew up watching Bjorn Borg, Wilander, Edberg and the likes.

    And then there’s hockey, skiing (cross country and alpine), table tennis, cycling, athletics. I’ve never really got into the largest US sports. I’ve watched some football (American), but nothing regularly. Baseball is just too slow, even though I love the history of the game. Basket? Naw, too much scoring, I think. I refuse Golf. Golf is for old people. ;)

    But football. That’s my game. Been a Manchester United fan since I was a kid. From back in the days when we got to watch the Saturday games on one of our just two available state television channels (this was before deregulation and international cable). This was when you couldn’t watch high quality matches every damn day. Manchester won nothing back then, even though it had a great history. Nowadays of course, they win all the time, which is great. Been to a Champions League final, been to England a few times. I primarily follow the English Premier League, but pick up games from Italy, Spain and Germany as well. I probably watch too much football.

    Rugby and Cricket are nothing but old imperialistic common wealth games. I don’t follow that kind of crap. I believe they even play some kind of hockey on grass. Preposterous. ;)

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  10. CM

    I’m on a permanent high for the entire month of World Cup Football every four years. It’s my absolute favourite sporting event. I watch as much as I possibly can. When we moved to London in 2002 we arrived 2 days before the tournament started and I managed to not find a job for almost a month, so I got to sit around all day inpubs watching the matches. Amazing. And somehow I timed moving back to NZ so that we left just as the 2006 tournament was kicking off. I’d secured employment back here in NZ but gave myself three weeks to settle back. Perfect timing – I spent most of that three weeks watching matches. I saw a lot less of 2010 cup with two young kids, and work, but managed to still see a fair amount. Even went to a movie theatre (at 6am before work) and saw a couple of live games in 3D on a massive screen which was very cool.
    In some ways I hate the World Cup Final, firstly because it’s generally a let-down in terms of quality, but also because I know that it’s going to be another long 4 years until the next tournament.

    Speaking of World Cup’s, NZ is hosting the Rugby World Cup in October. It will be massive, easily the biggest event in our history. I think it’s the fourth largest (as in most watched) sporting tournament in the world. I live about 10 minutes from Eden Park, which the premier venue, and will host the semifinals and final. NZ won the first world cup (also held here) in 1987 but we haven’t won since. Every tournament we’re the favourites, but each time we seem to find a new way of fucking it up. And of course if we DO win it, we’ll have the tag of only being able to win it on home soil. In between World Cups (also held every 4 years), we pretty much wipe the floor (home and away). I think the winning percentage is about 85%.

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  11. CM

    How’s that Djokovic! I see he’s into second in rankings now, and if he wins the next tourney he’ll be first. Amazing. Awesome to see three guys battling it out at the top (I’m hoping Federer can stay with them). I’m already looking forward to Wimbledon next month (especially as I recently got a deal where I get all my sports channels in HD, both in the lounge and in the bedroom).

    Which Champion’s League final did you go to Kimpost? I was in a bar in the centre of Lisbon when Porto won. The city went absolutely crazy (I can only imagine what it was like in Porto itself).

    Yeah, hockey on grass it is. Here it’s called hockey. I think you all call it ‘field hockey’. I played it a bit at school. We’re a pretty good field hockey country (given our size).

    Non-commonwealth people always give me/us plenty of shit for cricket. I’f push came to shove I’d actually put that as my favourite sport, slightly ahead of football. What other game (other then perhaps Portal 2!) can you play for 35 hours over 5 days, and end with a draw/tie?! What’s not to love about that.

    Skiing? Come on, that’s an outdoor pursuit. Next you’ll be celebrating herring-throwing or some such nonsense.

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  12. Kimpost

    On the topic of sports. Federer lost today, which he shouldn’t have. And Detroit seems to be losing now. San Jose leads 3-2 in game seven with five minutes left. Come on reds!

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  13. Kimpost

    Djokovic run this year has been nothing short of amazing. Actually he becomes number one if he wins the tournament they are playing now (a masters 1000 in Rome), but only if Nadal also loses in the quarters against Marin Cilic tomorrow. I won’t imagine that will happen, but Djokovic will most likely get there, seeing that Nadal has some major points to defend (Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open).

    I was in Rome ’09 for Manchester United – Barcelona. Barca won.

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  14. CM

    As per my other comments about ‘big events’, I get most interested in cycling just prior to and during big events. Particularly the Tour de France. Although I do really enjoy it during the Commonwealth and Olympic Games as well (at the last Olympics Hayden Roulston took silver in the Men’s 4000m Individual Pursuit, while the NZ men’s team pursuit team took bronze). I was at University with Sarah Ulmer (first New Zealander to win an Olympic cycling gold – at Athens in 2004). Used to see her in the gym there.
    We don’t have many cyclists on big professional tour though. Roulston and Julian Dean are probably our best at the moment.

    What are your thoughts on the Armstrong drug accusations?

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  15. richtaylor365 *

    I’m watching the Rome Masters 1000 right now. In the states we have The Tennis Channel, 24 hour coverage of whatever tournaments are going on through out the world. I was glad to see Nadal overtake Federer last year for #1, but you guys are right about Djokovic, he is on fire. And his win over Nadal in Madrid on clay was huge.

    I’ve been lamenting the demise of American tennis for a while now, but fortunately there are lots of good likeable players elsewhere.

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  16. JimK

    You watching the Giro right now? Weylandt dying has thrown everyone for a loop.

    As for Armstrong? Of course he doped. Every human being in the pro peleton has doped to one degree or another. That’s why most of the banned substances have a threshold. If all of the banned substances were zero tolerance, there simply wouldn’t be any professional bike racing.

    That having been said, I think pros are driven to dope by the absolute insanity of the tour schedule and the madness of the big three Grand Tours. The Giro this year is incredibly insane. It would take a superhuman to ride the whole thing and somehow stay competitive. Yet these men are expected to do that, plus the spring classics, plus le Tour and the maybe Vuelta? Toss in tough week tours like Lombardia or Amgen Tour of California and yeah…they’re using everything they can to keep their bodies going.

    I’m of half a mind to say to hell with the WADA and just let them dope. But then I’m also thinking that if they eliminate doping then yes, all performances will lessen but to the same degree, so we still have the same guys winning…it’s just that now instead of climbing at 15kph up Alpe D’huez, they have to do it at a more human 11 or 12. And then we won’t have kids thinking they have to dope to make it as a pro. I dunno. I just like the racing. :)

    As for Dean? That guy is an incredible lead out man. If Tyler Farrar would’ve taken his advice more often and just listened, he’d have beat Cav more often the last 2 years. And now Tyler has Thor Hushovd and he’s not listening to him either. Ahh, the folly of youth! :)

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  17. CM

    Ah right, it’s this current tournament. Ok. Yes, hard to see him not taking No. 1 very soon. Wimbledon might do it.

    Wow, that would have been amazing to have seen that game. Same final this year of course. I went to a Lazio game at that Rome Stadium – was pretty wild. (I also wanted to go there because that’s where my uncle won bronze in the marathon at the 1960 Olympics)

    Weirdest game I ever went to was an FA Cup game between Spurs and Man City at White Hart Lane. Spurs up 3-0 at halftime and Man City down to 10 (Anelka I think it was). Man City won 4-3. Pretty much a full scale riot afterwards. The Man City fans had to be held in the stadium in a protected area for at least an hour after the game. We hid in a bus shelter as Spurs fans ran around like the world was about to end, chased by cops on horses. Not something that happens too often around these parts!

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  18. CM

    Speaking of American tennis, one of the best books I’ve read in the last year (and best autobiographies I’ve ever read) is ‘Open’ by Agassi. Highly recommended to all. I bought a copy for my Dad for his birthday the other week and he’s loving it (he’s not even really a tennis fan).

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  19. Kimpost

    It’s not that I have much against Nadal, really, if it weren’t for him preventing Federer from digging even deeper into the record books. :) I want Fed to have one more push at number one. Other than that another Wimbledon or two would be great.

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  20. Manwhore

    When you are an artist you are a magnet for stolen ideas. For example, wvr was a thief of my idea to have a “hey, mr dj thread” it is a badge of honor to have you steal my thread.

    I told you at the vo miami would take all this year but I guess your bookie didn’t see my wisdom. Maybe my predictions should be two years ahead of events for you to understand?

    Good thing you got that fat pension. If you did in fact read what I wrote you are just repeating my predictions for the season. Really you justnre-iterated everything I wrote at the beginning of the season.

    College football and NBA I can’t read this blog for, but I applaude you for knocking it off. It’s there for the taking.

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  21. richtaylor365 *

    Yep, read it when it first came out. As much as I admired Agassi the tennis player, I always thought he was a pussy character wise, the book just reenforced that opinion. Still, the old Agassi/Sampras battles were all gold for me.

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  22. richtaylor365 *

    I feel just the opposite. Roger already has the majors record, he has his grand slam ( all 4 of the majors wins), he has the moniker of “greatest ever”, good for him, now lets give the young guys a crack at it.

    Before Djokovic went super human, I thought Nadal was going to reel off about 6 or seven majors in the next few years. I’d like to see Murray get a majors win. Tsonga is close and Del Protro should get some more. Roger probably has one last shot at this years Wimbledon, after that, I think he’s done.

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  23. richtaylor365 *

    Couple things, this ain’t your thread. I was actually playing the game and talking about it when you were still coloring the back of your Capt. Crunch cereal boxes. And if memory serves, we had hoops posts on this blog way before the VO.

    Good thing you got that fat pension.

    Stay on topic. You will be get your chance to whine about those nasty state workers in other posts that I will write in the future. See, that was always your problem, you were too stupid to figure out that I was always on your side (or you were always on mine) so instead of debating rationally , you decided to blow everything up, your choice.

    As far as this topic goes, if you want to talk hoops or any other sport, fine, I’m all for that.

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  24. JimK

    Along those lines, I am not interested in seeing old (and stupid) feuds carried over from the VO. Manwhore, this one’s on you. There was zero call for the snipe except to stir up old shit. Let’s all be friends. Or friendly. Or at the very least, not irrational assholes.

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  25. Manwhore

    Couple things. If this thread was here, it was because I brought it here. I dont really care, I just find it remarkable that you would resort to following in my footsteps.

    To complete the couple, your sports predictions are horrible. You are posting now and saying “wow, look at that heat team” after your lakers showed how much of a poor sportsman-like team they are. Figures.

    Anyway, I wish you well. You initially made the jab about the pension, btw. I think uppity state workers bragging might not be the best thing right now.

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  26. Manwhore

    Don’t worry Jim, I’m not going to comment that much more. I just saw a couple of things out of the box I thought were jabs.

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  27. Kimpost

    I don’t get this. Are you suggesting that you should have a monopoly on creating sports related threads here, and presumably elsewhere, because you did so on another forum?

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  28. sahrab

    Since we’re talking sports, i’ll be at the Big Rig Nationals next weekend. I’ll be running my dump truck… beware my mid 30’s second 1/4 mile


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  29. sahrab

    Seriously no shit.

    They have Big Rig nationals at the local 1/4 strip. You get semi’s, school buses and dump trucks (broken up into clasees based on how many axles) all showing up. It’s a legit race, but because its mostly local participants its more for fun than anything else. They even have a couple of jet powered semis’ and buses that show up.

    Mines a single axle, (International S1900 with a Cat 3208, i use around the farm) so i’ll be bracketed with singles and dual axle dump trucks. I’ve been wanting to go the last 2 years, since i got the damn truck, but have had something come up every year.

    I keep threatening the wife that she’ll have to ride with me as co-pilot (i have this vision of Canon Ball Run lol) but she’s begging off. Claims its way too redneck for her, and will be in the stands with all of our (other redneck) friends laughing along.

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  30. richtaylor365 *

    You guys have clearly made a mockery of this entire thread, so I will raise your dueling dumptrucks, and call you with this.

    The wife carrying thing looks interesting, does it have to be my own?

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  31. richtaylor365 *

    Neither, just looking for that competitive edge like any old ex jock would.

    Hope she isn’t visiting this blog!

    not a chance………..but………..,”Hey hon, there’s no beer in the fridge, take care of that , will ya?”

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  32. JimK


    If you have a blog, or a twitter, or any other thing that generates an RSS feed, you can get a link back to your most recent thing with “CommentLuv.” It’s a way for a site with an audience – and ours may be small but it is an audience – to spread the link love around. Everyone ends up benefiting in a real way with Google and other search as well, because the links aren’t bogus spam crap, it;s real links from real blogs to other real blogs/twitters/whatever. Google loves that kind of legit relationship, so the site benefits by getting higher in search rankings and the community benefits by, as it were, spreading the traffic love around.

    Now…I enjoy cycling, romantic walks on the beach and really filthy porn. WHO WANTS TO DATE ME?*

    *all dates subject to approval by the JimK Dating Committee, heretoafter knows as The Mrs.

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  33. Kimpost

    So, we’ve got another Nole – Nadal final tomorrow. Late and very tough win for Djokovic tonight. I’m picking Nadal as clear favorite tomorrow. Much because of stamina (Djokovic was tired tonight), but also because the conditions in Rome suit Nadal very well. Madrid with the high altitude is a clay court anomaly

    Oh, and the place in the finals means that Djokovic is qualified for the ATP World Tour Finals in November. That’s just insane.

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  34. richtaylor365 *

    Did you watch any of this Murray/Djokovic match? Probably the best tennis match all year. If Nadal wins tomorrow, it will be only because Novak blew his wad today, what a competitor.

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  35. Kimpost

    Djokovic played a late and extremely tough three set match late yesterday. Todays final was delayed because of rain. Rain means slower courts. Everything pointed at a Nadal victory. Except for one thing. Djokovic. Just. Can’t. Lose.

    Incredible 2-0 victory. Incredible season.

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  36. richtaylor365 *

    Oh, I’ve been out the last few hours. That’s the beauty of The Tennis Channel, they also reply the matches so I’ll get to watch it. But sadly, there is no surprise now as to who won :(

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  37. richtaylor365 *

    Just saw the match, holy smokes, Nadal played great and still lost in straight sets, I don’t know what else he can do.

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