That’s what I am yelling the next time I need to hit the head..

What’s that, you say? Well, “Allah Akbar“, for sure, cause when you got to go, you got to go.

The Yemeni man who was wrestled to the floor after pounding on the cockpit door of a plane approaching San Francisco may have mistaken it for the bathroom. Rageit Almurisi cannot speak English very well and could have misunderstood the signs inside the jet, his cousin claimed. The maths teacher, who was heard yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he allegedly battered the door, had also only been on three planes in his life and would have been unfamiliar with the layout.

This stuff happens to people all the time, especially after crappy airline food. That is if they even serve any these days. Maybe he brought some bad food with him. Who knows? It’s so easy to confuse the cockpit with the bathroom, and then start banging on it, yelling the same thing that the radical mad men cult of death usually do, cause you need in man. That’s stuff’s knocking at the door, and it ain’t going to wait to come out. I searched the article to find out what they served this poor dude, or if he brought the bad food himself, but it seems there is a conspiracy to keep that away from us at this time. At least his family is being very supportive of him. I wonder if one of his relatives, the one that owes him some cash for daring him to pull this stunt maybe, will come out and say the guy needs locking up.

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  1. Hal_10000

    The telling thing about his incident is how the passengers and attendant responded by subduing the man. As I’ve said many time, our people are our best line of defense.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    On a serious note, after 9-11 I figured nobody on a plane would ever again follow the SOP of simply letting potential hijackers do their thing, landing the plane somewhere, then having the locals negotiate something or finally storm the plane on the ground. So yes Hal, people on a plane, the ones that don’t want to die that way, are never again going to let someone – unless they are so well armed they can fend off all comers – get away with anything like this again.

    Allah Akbar! I gots to go drop some bombs…. OK, that was uncalled for and childish, but in the spirit of this ridiculous defense, the only thing I could come up with in the drain bamaged condition I am left in.

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  3. Rann

    Yeah, it’s really weird to think about how in every incident prior to 9/11, the response to hijackers trying to take over the plane was “Just let them.” It’s amazing that we ever became so… docile as to just allow that to continue, to the point that comedians were joking about how commonplace it was. (Man, if you don’t wince at the part of one of Robin Williams’ old standups where he talks about “a small pistol will drop from the overhead compartment, run to the cockpit and claim it in the name of Allah”…)

    You just wind up wondering how we ever let ourselves get kicked around by them like that, to where they seemed to think they could do it with impunity, to where they knew on that day that people were unlikely to fight back because the passengers had all probably been counseled at some point in their lives to put up no resistance in such a situation.

    You know, in a way, I think that’s as good a reason for the WoT as any. I think at some point we needed to signal to that sort of people “We are not going to let you make us your bitch anymore.”

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