Alright, Who Knows Someone Like This?

The use of parody is the most effective when the ridicule is cumulative, when those targeted with comic effect are the very last ones in the room to “get it”.  Subtlety and accuracy are also necessary, but the absurdity must be gradual.

xtranormal is a cute little site where you can make your own personalized animated movie. There is also a treasure trove (yeah, that phrase will be forever linked to OBL’s stash of terrorist intel.) of cute video’s over at youtube where liberals are made fun off, for the amusement of the rest of us, their latest creation:


OK, who does not know somebody exactly like this woman? Living in the land of the heathen, the S.F. Bay Area, I got more than a handful of friends like this, most could watch the whole video without the slightest clue that they are being punked. xtranormal does  a nice job because all the tells are revealed. You got the selective memory, the revisionist history, the key catch phrases (Halliburton) and even the folded arms at the end like ,”Why aren’t you smart enough to see how His Awesomeness has saved humanity”.


There is a series of them over there at youtube, check some of them out. Not only are they cathartic, further grounding you in your convictions and beliefs, but if lunacy is ever to be exposed, it has to be revealed. Me, I just like laughing at them, it helps a bit as I’m stuck in the back seat of the Obama wagon, barreling towards the cliff.


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  1. Rann

    “Well, I can’t remember the details, but…”

    Yeah, this attitude basically helped shape the “History of Oppression” I once posted on the old site.

    This is pretty strawmanny throughout, which can be a pretty bad habit with these (I’ve seen one with these same two characters about internet piracy, and despite agreeing with pretty much every point it made, I still had to roll my eyes a little). But I’ll admit, that was some comedy gold with:

    “Still, it was a risky operation.”
    “How? Because bin Laden’s family could have outfought the team of Navy SEALs?”
    “No. … The SEAL team could have gotten lost?”
    “I hear it was a nice neighborhood. They probably could have asked for directions.”

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  2. Mississippi Yankee

    OK, who does not know somebody exactly like this woman?

    Absolutely, there’s this fella that claims to be from New Zealand. And he does seem to have “Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals” down pat. Or maybe they have a kiwi equivalent.
    Anyway just appears to be another troll, funny how Magoo leave and …

    Do ya’ll remember Contrarian? Well he’s nothing like that.

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