Hey, Who’s The New Guy?

If variety is the spice of life, allow me to splash some Tabasco on this burger.  Along with a fancy schmancy new site look, with all the requisite cool features to go with it, I have been asked to help out with some of the heavy lifting around here. Jim has done a terrific job making everything functional and looking pretty, and along with all the upgrades was an effort to produce more content. This should in no way reflect on the two titans that the site already has. Both Hal and Alex are superlative, top notch, and deserving of all the plaudits and platitudes our grateful community can provide, but a robust and expanded author community will only make the site better, which is the common goal for all of us.

First off, a little something about me. For the last few years I wrote over at the VO. We had a nice little blog going with a handful of faithful followers, those that checked that out in the past should be familiar with my work. I  retired a few years back from a career with the State of California. Interestingly, this is how I stumbled on RTFTLC, years back when Lee lived in the Bay Area he went to  an anti war rally in San Francisco and he published some photo’s of the rally on his blog. I was at that same rally, liaising with SFPD and I needed some photo’s for my follow up report. I liked his writing so much that I have been a regular ever since.  Some savvy investments in the past, a nice fat state pension (thanks California tax payers) and an attorney wife that still works (God bless her work ethic) has allowed me to eschew all work related activities and devote myself to the finer things in life, like being a full time tennis bum. I not only am the local high school boys tennis coach (just finished the season, going 15/3 and two rounds of the post season, not bad for most of the kids being sophomores) I also help out with tennis summer camps and do an occasional officiating gig as a USTA official.


My politics generally lean to the right, although I plan on writing about many different topics. For those here when Lee was still around, he occasionally feel ill with the slog of politics and diverted into other areas,  all things topical will be griss for the mill. Focusing on politics alone is not only depressing but denies us that spice eluded to above. Sports, music, Hollywood phonies, we are going to cover it all.


For those familiar with my stuff at that other site, you guys know that I am not the most computer savvy guy out there (Iphone? I don’t get it) so for a while I will be riding around here with the training wheels attached, until I get my sea legs, no making fun of the inept.


One last thing. For the more observant out there, you guys should of spotted the “Donate” section, right under the “Recent comments” section on the right. I hope the regulars here are using that button. Jim is  too classy to tell everyone ,'”OK, donation week, everybody pony up”, but since only liberals expect something for nothing, we can reward excellence with some bucks thrown his way.


Writing for this blog is like getting called up to the majors, I gotta remember to bring my mitt.


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