Like taxes and Democrats? Move to Connecticut.


Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed a $40.1 billion two-year budget that raises taxes by $2.6 billion, the biggest increase in state history, according to Republicans who fought the plan.

The budget passed by the House of Representatives and Senate yesterday raises taxes on incomes of more than $50,000 a year. It boosts the retail-sales levy to 6.35 percent from 6 percent while broadening it to cover previously exempt goods and services. The rate becomes 7 percent on “luxuries” such as $1,000-plus clothing and boats above $100,000.

“Unlike so many other states which have seized the opportunity to restructure government and make it sustainable, we continue on a bender,” Senator Andrew Roraback, a Goshen Republican, said before voting against the budget backed by Malloy, a Democrat elected in November. “We’re going to be spending more next year by taxing people,” Roraback said.

But it’s (allegedly) a balanced bender, so that makes it okay, right?

That 0.35% sales tax increase is going to crush people in the cities that are already having massive problems paying for necessities amongst rising food & fuel costs. And because the cheapest food is also the food that is fattening us up as a nation, our esteemed leadership just doubled down on making Connecticut fatter. But then we’ll die younger and the state won’t have to pay for shit anymore, so…upside?

The minute I can swing it, we’re leaving this state, which will be a few years, much to my chagrin. Sure, there’s a few things here and there that you can say are good, but generally Connecticut is devoid of culture. Pop, traditional or otherwise. It’s a state that is mostly vast swaths of poverty or strip malls punctuated by colleges. And of course mainly a suburb of NYC to the south. And now we have 2.6 billion – with a B! – in new taxes on 3.5 million people.

Yeah, Linda McMahon don’t sound so fucking bad right about now, does she, my fellow Nutmeggers? Feel like you made a mistake yet?

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  1. AlexInCT

    If it wasn’t for my wife’s refusal to leave this shithole because her family lives here, I would have long ago moved elsewhere dude. This state is replete with idiots. Maybe Muirgy can tell us how good this shit was for the poor, then explain why we will have more of them as this thing works itself out and they get squashed. And here is a prediction you can take to the bank. We will be billions in the red again a couple of years from now as these guys decide their new cash bonanza is a license to spend even more.

    Speaking of which, Jim. Where are those concessions he was supposed to get from the unions at? Last I heard they have been dropped or are just for show, because they aren’t for real. Don’t worry. More people with decent incomes will choose to leave, and more poor will pop up. Of course, the donkeys will call the people that leave evil, and ignore that they caused it.

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  2. JimK *

    2 billion in concessions are missing. He’s now threatening 4000 jobs (state government jobs) lost if he doesn’t get the concessions. He’s pretending to be tough like Christie with the teachers in Jersey, but we all know this is smoke and mirrors. Malloy’s NEVER gonna lay off 4000 state-paid Democrats.

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    Personally, I can’t figure out why anyone wants to live over there anyway – too many people, too many taxes, crappy weather.

    If you want to live in the land of perpetual drizzle, send your resume to Seattle – aerospace is hiring big time right now.

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  4. JimK *


    Upside: coffee paradise, pretty cycling-friendly town.

    Really big downside: I know fuck-all for the aerospace industry. Unless Boeing is maybe looking to hire a nutritionist/Wordpress guy? :)

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  5. Seattle Outcast

    There are a large number of hospitals, clinics and would-be world-class athletes in the area that would conceivably be hiring a nutritionist.

    As for WordPress – there are more software companies around here than you can believe, and independent consulting companies seem to be found in every other house.

    You can escape the hippies by avoiding the downtown neighborhoods, particularly Ballard (old hippies in Volvos) and Capitol Hill (freaks of nature) and moving to the east side of the lake to Bellevue/Redmond/Bothell/Kirkland and the plateau.

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  6. Rann

    Ever see one of those comic strips… I think Calvin & Hobbes and Foxtrot both did this one… where the kid’s selling something (lemonade or whatever) at his little stand by the road, and he hasn’t sold a thing all day… so he marks the price up from twenty-five cents to ten dollars so that when he finally makes a sale he’ll make a good profit? … Yeah.

    Anyway, if you’re looking for somewhere to move, there’s always the DFW area, Jim. No state income tax, tons of shit to do, a variety of work to be had, our gas prices are usually a bit cheaper and the meat is too. You could probably get a house financed for the same you’d be paying for some two bedroom apartment in most of the North.

    Sure our police are corrupt as fuck and the weather is more mercurial than a teenage valley girl on E, but hey, y’take the bad with the good.

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  7. Miguelito

    I’m always thinking how I’d love to get away from the similar insanity in CA.. but I was born and raised here. Also my family is here and I’ve got 13-1/2 years at my company. If I was ever RIF’d or if they offered a nice role in, say, our Austin office (though I’d prefer to not live in Austin proper.. I hear it’s the liberal hell-hole surrounded by regular Texas) I’d probably jump at it.

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  8. Rann

    (though I’d prefer to not live in Austin proper.. I hear it’s the liberal hell-hole surrounded by regular Texas)

    Pre’ much.

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  9. Seattle Outcast

    You won’t find too many of them on the east side – it’s not run down enough to attract a “vibrant” mix of panhandlers, thieves, public drunks, and “colorful” minorities for a good vibe of multiculturalism.

    Also, there isn’t enough public transportation for them to not use (but talk about in supportive fashion) while they drive their Volvos around in a suicidal fashion looking for a place to double park.

    Nope, they like Ballard, Capitol Hill, & Wallingford – which are all really good places to avoid in addition to downtown proper.

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  10. Anonymous

    Unfortunately my state (dog-shit Maryland) is overrun with the same fuckheads. Our governor’s main qualification is that he used to run another piece of dog-shit (Baltimore city) and has a D next to his name. Martin O’ Malley spent the previous 4 year surplus carefully preserved by Ehrlich in one budget. Then crushed Ehrlich in the subsequent election. Now we have a sales tax an entire percentage point higher.

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  11. rufus1

    Yeah… you should move to Texas. There is NO state tax there. Of course your income will be on average $17 K less and your average after state tax income will only $45 K compared to the average person in Connecticut making $62 K. But in Texas you’ll be paying no state taxes… so that’s better… well except for it’s Texas.

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  12. hist_ed

    I’m in Kirkland (north end) and we have a few uncluding a regular panhandler with cardboard sign on the 405 on-ramp ( he

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