Death cult won’t be denied

Seriously, maybe it is time for us to lob some bombs at the compound now that we have the admirers of bin Laden treating the compound where he was killed as a tourist attraction. You and I think of a nice beach, some girls in bikinis, cool drinks, and a nice breeze carrying some music as a vacation spot. Or maybe you like the mountains. Do some skiing, drink some hot coco in a cabin warmed by a nice fire. Maybe it’s going to a national park and camping. We look for fun and nice things to do. Members of the cult of death? Well, their latest vacation spot is the place where UBL was finally killed. They are doing it to show him their love. This is like people going to Hitler’s bunker, not to see where the evil Nazi Third Reich came to its end, but to show your love for Hitler.

Things like this should make us wonder why we still think that we can avoid the inevitable fight to the death that this disconnect between what we believe and want, and what they believe and want are going to come down to. They meant it when they told us they love death more than we love life.

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  1. Rann

    It’s my understanding the Pakistanis are already making plans to bulldoze it specifically to keep this from happening.

    One supposes if we felt it necessary to get our “Haha fuck you” jollies in there somewhere, we could always request that we be allowed to build a US Embassy there.

    Ehhh it’d probably just incite shit. Still. Need to figure out something to put there that can’t be used as a gathering point. If they start talking about building a mosque, I think it’s time to wave our big American diplomatic dick and say “Fuck. That.”

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  2. Technomad

    If I owned the garage where the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre took place, it would be a nice little money-spinner for me…I could charge people to come in and look at “the place where it happened.”

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  3. InsipiD

    How about an open-pit pork barbecue joint and taproom. That basically guarantees it won’t turn into a gathering point.

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