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  1. Hal_10000 (yes, I know, I know)

    Um, OK, I’m going to sop now. Jim, this would be easier if I just added them myself, assuming you have no objections. I seem to recall that we blogrolled lefty blogs at the old place and would like to continue that for some of the lefties I like reading even as I shout “No, you’re wrong” at my computer.

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  2. JimK *

    I agree with blogrolling some lefties. But there’s some places I absolutely cannot, morally and ethically, abide – LGF and Sully are two of them. I’m sorry but there’s a line and both of them went WAY the fuck over it, and should not be rewarded with permant google-enhancing links. Same for shitholes like the freeper cesspool, gawker, DU, etc.

    I’m not sure how I’m gonna manage the blogroll yet (as in, what plugin), so for now let’s just list them here. List as many as you want…I was thinking maybe we do a poll later and the top 25? 35? 50? that get votes get blogrolled? Anyone object to that?

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  3. JimK *

    It’s funny you mention Althouse. She drives me fucking crazy half the time but I read her every day. God damn her and her compelling blogging. :)

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  4. Manwhore

    I wouldn’t reco LFG. He regularly flames who he considers “right wing” bloggers, and tweet wars with them.

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  5. AlexInCT


    Looks like the sidebar on the right has gone double space and is eating up the real estate for the blog pannel/comments.

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  6. sahrab

    Sorry for putting this here, but this was at the top and i figured it would get read sooner. But somethign is dorked up with the formatting.

    It seems to be the adddition of the Meta and Archive boxes (on the far right column). The form size is static but with those additional boxes the nested comments are getting squeezed. Some of the comments (the ones about the Detroit School) become almost unreadable

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