UBL finaly sent to hell.

It now looks like a team of US NAVY Seals shot and killed UBL in an operation Sunday evening May 1st, 2011. Coincidentally, May 1st is also the day Hitler was declared dead, so maybe there is some freaky karmic justice thing going on here. The team apparently tried to catch him alive, but he wouldn’t have any of that, so he was shot in the head. Seems someone there – not sure if it was UBL or one of the other bastards there with him – used a woman that was there as a human shield, and she got killed as well. Kudos to our military, and our president for finally bagging this bastard. Now for the not so fun stuff.

It seems UBL was living high and mighty in Pakistan, not in caves as people kept telling us, and was shot and killed in a compound owned by his couriers in the city of Abbottabad, not more than 35 miles outside of the Pakistani capital. Pakistan is going to have some serious “splaining” to do, because as the article points out, this compound was right next to military and law enforcement facilities. A key bit of information is that the US did not inform the Pakistanis about this operation, and that’s likely why UBL wasn’t warned and able to get away this time. As many suspected, these bastards were protecting this monster, and we should find out whom amongst them did this and make them pay for that.

BTW, the information on those couriers and the compound? Guess who spilled that and when? Yeah, it was KSM, and the names came from those harsh interrogations that people equate to torture. Even if the MSM can’t come clean and admit them’s the facts. Are they going to say that torture worked in this case? I don’t really care what they say honestly, I knew these people were simply talking out of their ass, and didn’t know better, but this guy was broken and gave valuable information. That’s what counts.

Anyway, UBL’s fans are pissed. I am pissed too. It seems we bent over backwards to follow Islamic protocol for this bastard. He was buried in under 24 hours, at least they did that at sea and even though it was at sea and thus deprives the mass murderers of a shrine, I think we should have made an example of this asshole, wrapped him in pig skin, loaded him with alcohol, and then burned his stinking corpse under a banner wishing him straight passage to hell. We will be hated on for killing his ass anyway. Why not set an example for all the Jihadis that we will make sure they don’t get heaven or those virgins? They certainly don’t show our side that courtesy, and they seem to have big plans regardless of the outcome. No, this isn’t about us being better than them: it is war and we need to break their will to keep on fighting.

Now for the fun conspiracy crap. At least we plan to confirm we got him and not a double with DNA tests. I am sure the UBL worshiping world will now start claiming that UBL wasn’t killed but actually is a prisoner of the evil American imperialist military. Information like this might fuel that myth. Maybe under a different president. The current one wouldn’t go along with that short of someone telling him that he could then use UBL to win the next election, and I doubt anyone did that. They will also want to know whom in Pakistan betrayed UBL. No, Obama just wants this guy killed so he can say he is gone. I am sure the dream team in the WH with UBL dead, will now start talking about pulling out of Afghanistan while pretending the hornets nest in that area is now pacified. Hopefully the saner minds prevail and we stay there.

There are some people there that need to be wiped out if we want to break this enemy. And they are already saying they want to retaliate. The WH seems to take the threats seriously. Frankly speaking, if the Jihadis are stupid enough to do some of this shit, I think they are going to be in for a rude surprise. Obama strikes me as the kind of guy that when pushed over the limit will lash out disproportionately. All that professed love for the Jihadis and their death cult might go up in a nuclear flash or two if the Jihadis do use WMDs. Or he might do nothing. Who knows? Community organizers aren’t very predictable. More to come. as this all plays out. I am sure there will be some morons on the left that will make us all wonder if they are insane when they speak up about this all.

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  1. Hal_10000

    Actually, the story is the info come from detainees, not KSM specifically. The time scale is not consistent with it being from KSM.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    Want to bet about that, Hal?

    I pointed out that the narrative was not to specifically give KSM’s name, but eventually the facts will come out. KSM was the one that originally recruited the courier for Osama, and he was the one to drop the name when interrogated. What took so long was to discover the guy was still active and owned this compound in Pakistan with his brother. The MSM will try it’s best to pretend there is no connection here, but my guess is that they will fail and show how out of it they are.

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  3. Hal_10000

    Sure, I’ll bet. The courier was identified in 2007. Word is that the compound was built in 2005 or 2006. KSM was captured in 2003. This situation developed long after we had KSM in custody.

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  4. JimK

    Ace has a possible guy that fits the “high value knowledge” criteria and was grabbed around then. Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi. Maybe, maybe not. But we do know that the enhanced interrogation techniques accomplished at least one thing. This. So no dancing if you’ve spent that last few years screaming about it and demanding GITMO close.

    Okay you can dance a little. It’s fucking bin Laden.

    P.S. I kid. I kid because I love. /borschtbeltcomic

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  5. Rann

    Which is one of the reasons that Obama will need to have a light touch about using “I killed Osama bin Laden!” to try and carry him through the 2012 election. The counter soundbite to that is “Because you tortured detainees.”

    Because ultimately this is the result of President Obama pissing all over something Senator Obama advocated. Sure, this is perhaps the first time that’s been a good thing, but considering that he’s just started a new war unilaterally, he’s going to have to watch his ass on Bush comparisons.

    Which, of course, is kinda hilarious, in the end.

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  6. JimK

    Insty had a reader email him the line of the day IMHO:

    For the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of President Obama.


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  7. InaneGoldfish

    in the interests of correctness…. its OBL not UBL, amiright? If we’re going to celebrate, let’s celebrate properly.

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  8. JimK

    I think in some dialects or depending on the translator Usama is also correct? I dunno. It’s like Gaddafi, or Qadaffi, or Kadhaffi, or King Fuckwit of the Shores of Tripoli or whatever that dick’s name is. I never know what the hell to put. Neither does anyone else, it seems.

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  9. AlexInCT *

    Hal, the first time the name of the courier came up was from KSM. We had a second confirmation from another dude, Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi, whom also had close ties to bin Laden and was nabbed in 2005. UBL has been hiding with these guys since the 9-11 attacks. When the compound was build is irrelevant in the scheme of things, other than the intel UBL was with these guys and they owned the compound, and we had to figure out that the names we had been given were actually the clue.

    If you want to be bothered, try understanding why after the second confirmation in 2005 it took almost 6 years to get actionable intel to go bye. One thing is certain: the Pakistanis were protecting him in this place. Obama has been hogging the limelight on this for, political reasons, and I don’t like that, but the guy does deserve his props for ordering the mission be carried out and it working out for us. Similarly we should not pretend this work was not begun under Bush, and that the actionable intel came from methods many claimed never produced squat.

    The MSM dancing around this admission will be fun to watch. The reaction from the people that sided with the MSM on the whole thing back when, won’t be. A lot of people that were anti-anything-Bush are going to twist themselves into pretzels dealing with what information and facts come out as we find out more of what went down.

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  10. Kimpost

    Sweden is west isn’t it? We spell it Usama. You can’t actually say how it should be spelled. There are no such clear rules.

    On Usama, it’s good he’s gone. But I would have preferred him being tried.

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  11. Hal_10000

    Far be it from me to disagree with an unsubstantiated AP report. But the waterboarding of KSM took place exclusively in 2003, the year he was captured. So it produces this vital info four years later?

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  12. loserlame

    I think its appropriate for Euros and sundry global villagers, i.e. educated atheists and culturally rich Muslims, to admonish the US’ histrionic, vulgar, nationwide celebration of Usama/Osama’s murder-for-oil – Xtian mobs, everywhere, gleefully burning Koran/Qurans and Arab flags.
    If nothing else its polluting the earth’s precious atmosphere, just like oil does.

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  13. JimK

    Hal, I think you’re trying to protect your long-stated stance here on enhanced interrogation/waterboarding/torture. In doing so you are giving the appearance of discrediting some facts that do not seem to be in dispute at this time. KSM gave up a name, and from that one thing led to another as it does, and it ended with OBL getting dumped in the sea.

    What we know right now – and of course that may change – but what we know right now supports that hypothesis. I would not dig in on this particular issue just yet.

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  14. Hal_10000

    Agreed. In the end, I doubt we’ll have a definitive answer since the Feds are unlikely to tell the full story, at least for a long time. The question is: was torture necessary? How many bad leads were we following before we got here? Jane Meyer’s book makes a very good case for he answers being “no” and “quite a few”.

    The big breakthroughs were from traditional intelligence once we got the names. Oh, and ignoring the ISI.

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  15. IndependentMac

    Here’s another version of the AP story. It confirms that KSM was the original source of the courier’s name, but also indicates that he did not reveal the name under torture:

    Money quote:

    Mohammed did not reveal the names while being subjected to the simulated drowning technique known as waterboarding, former officials said. He identified them many months later under standard interrogation, they said, leaving it once again up for debate as to whether the harsh technique was a valuable tool or an unnecessarily violent tactic.

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  16. AlexInCT *

    The more of this I hear the more I believe Obama was balsy and took a real risk ordering this. I think the guy is a moron, but on this I am going to give him his props. Not worried he is suddenly going to become some super leader anyway, but this was a big score for us. This guy needed killing. And we will not have to hear people cry about him being in Gitmo. Holder was unavailable for comment :)

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  17. Manwhore

    Well, one thing Obama bots should take from this is that there was never any intention by Obama to leave OBL’s life up for legal debate. Which is why the tribunals were set up in the first place, but are now legally distorted.

    Seems to me Obama knew he’d be a victim to his own party’s politics and had OBL snuffed so the debate was over.

    I think the only real issue here to me is the burial. If his intent was to be respectful to Islam it blew up in his face.

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  18. AlexInCT *

    Hal, did you miss the point that it took 2 years and another guy being waterboarded to confirm the name given by KSM to be a real one? And then I am not surprised it took another 2 or more to figure out what was going on. Especially with so many elements in the Pakistani military and ISI actively hiding this guy. AP isn’t the only on saying this either: it’s going to be front page news on the internets if the other MSM tools decide to ignore it.

    The intelligence game is not like what you see in 24 where people have DNA results and complicated bureaucratic government processes done in between commercials. It is often years of sifting through a ton of crap to find a golden nugget. One that in hindsight might even seem obvious as hell. Then you find other assets or means to validate your nugget is real and actionable. When KSM dropped the courier’s name back when I am certain nobody took it seriously because they could not corroborate it. It took another high profile guy being put through some special work to get the confirmation. All they had then was 2 names. I bet you they went to the Pakistanis with the names and got nowhere – and now we know why – and actually it wasn’t until they decided to do some digging of their own, around the machine that obfuscated the search and warned bin laden off every other time they were close to him, that they got a decent hit. Then it took another 6 months of doing all kinds of other things to get this all set up and done. Actually going in and bagging this guy was likely the easy part of the whole operation, if you know the people that did this and know what they are capable and willing to do.

    Our intelligence people deserve a huge kudos. So does our military. Even Obama deserves a kudos, his grandstanding politicized speech notwithstanding, for pulling the trigger. I don’t care why he gave the go ahead, it is a good thing that UBL is a dead man. This is a major coup for us all. That some people do not like what had to be done to finally get us there and UBL dead, and thus are denying where the information came from, is a sad thing for us all. The intelligence world and this war isn’t a pretty thing, and if we refuse to fight to win against an enemy that puts no value on human life, will leave us losing this war. I don’t know about you, but about the only thing that frightens me as much as a collectivist takeover of this country is an Islamic takeover. Closing our eyes, covering our ears, and screaming so we do not have to hear the facts and then admit that while we don’t like it a bit, we have to wrestle with the devil to beat him down, and in the process will get dirty, isn’t going to help. In fact, it might cause us to lose.

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  19. West Virginia Rebel

    If there is an afterlife I hope Lee is smiling and sharing a drink with his Dad. I think he’d give credit to Obama, as well.

    As for the whole torture debate-it sounds like we got OBL through an intercepted phone call, and the rest was done with old-fashioned intelligence work, not waterboarding. So, no, I’m not ready to concede the “Torture worked” argument.

    Anyway, I do hope he’s being roasted in pig grease over a slow fire in Hell now.

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  20. Mississippi Yankee

    Far be it from me to disagree with an unsubstantiated AP report.

    Taken a mostly out of context but….
    Isn’t this entire magical story with no compound pics and an ‘out to sea’ burial within 24 hours an unsubstantiated AP report?

    No one had a problem showing Saddam’s sons dead and molding. And remember they didn’t die at the same time or a the same place.

    This WH has lied to US everyday since 1-20-09. Even Freud would be expecting just more of the same.

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  21. Manwhore

    Yoos a fool dood. Rtflc 2007 wanted obi wan shin obi captured, read his rights and given an American lawyer–free of charge carte Blanche to play with our system.

    Enhanced interrogation is unsubstantiated without pics but you will find a four leaf clover here before someone says this might go deeper than Obama? Get with the times dude. When Obama wants to kill a skerry brown terrist it is praised. When bush did it he was an idiot cowboy redneck republican. Just read today’s comments if you don’t believe ke.

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  22. Poosh

    Nice one USA!

    But I’m watching this closely. Why have stage-managed, PHOTO-OPS of the president, clinton etc in the Situation Room been released… why was the Situation Room being used for a photo-op in the first place? Why have these photos been released first before the more important photos of Bin Laden, his body etc? Which we’ve been told are available… There is something classless about the way this great victory is being perfectly used for political gain, carefully managed through the media. It’s very clever on part of the White House and is cementing the lie in the International Mind that this is because of Obama. It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

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  23. AlexInCT *

    But I’m watching this closely. Why have stage-managed, PHOTO-OPS of the president, clinton etc in the Situation Room been released… why was the Situation Room being used for a photo-op in the first place?

    That’s unfortunately because despite deserving kudos for making this gutsy call, the truth remains that these bastards are political hyenas. I now suspect that the risk wasn’t taken because Obama believed UBL needed to be brought to justice, even killed, but because he needed a bump in his ratings. And more and more Americans are seeing this as the reason as this plays out and they try to make political hay from it. Leave it to Obama and his crew to take a great move, a victory for us all, and in the pursuit of political points to screw themselves over while making the world think that the US is nothing but a craven and evil monster run by someone that kills for political points. Oh, well.

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  24. Rann

    Okay, first… might wanna try and pull it back a little. No reason to go justifying all the smarm-happy liberals whose real glee in this situation was hoping to rub conservatives’ faces in it, who have been busily hoping for the emergence of “deathers”.

    There are a lot more differences between Saddam and bin Laden than who was President when they were captured. The biggest being that one was the deposed leader of a nation who was captured with that nation’s full blessing, and that the other was a spiritual leader who’d held no government position. One was a tyrant, the other was an inspiration.

    bin Laden’s body would have been a rallying cry for his followers in a way Saddam’s captivity never was and never could be. “They desecrate our holy leader! They mock our faith! A new terror every day until they return him to us!” Though the method is unfortunate in that it’s practically designed to stir up the imagination of conspiracy theorists and just people who are suspicious (Obama’s really bad with this), you can’t say it doesn’t make sense. His boys can rage at us for disposing of the body, but that’s ALL they can do. There’s nothing for them to focus that rage around, no tangible symbol that the body itself would provide. Even the corpse could have been something to rally around, but we’ve denied them that. They’d have to claim they recovered it from the ocean or that it miraculously washed up on the beach at the feet of one of his disciples bent in prayer, which would strain the credulity of even some of his more hardcore believers.

    They’ll try to martyr him, but you still need something to build a martyr around. The sheer suddenness of bin Laden’s departure from the world in both life and body helps add to the shock of it, leaving his followers with little to form impressions around other than the tales of the last moments of his life… cowering in fear from his hated enemies and trying to hide behind a woman. It’s made his martyrdom much, much less effective. They’ll still try, and with their hardcore believers they’ll probably succeed to some extent. But it won’t be the runaway success it would be if we said we had his body on a slab in some CIA morgue.

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  25. richtaylor365

    Yesterday a lib friend of mine (still working on her) sent me an email how great it was that Obama got OBL and how this is just what was needed to get him a boost for his 2012 run, here was my response:

    Yes, it is a great day for America and for justice, but giving Obama credit for any of this is quite laughable. Where was the intel gleaned that bagged OBL? yes, Gitmo, that place that Obama wanted to shut down, remember? And who got the intel at Gitmo? It was those dedicated hard working CIA and military operatives that just a short time ago was under the threat of prosecution from Eric Holder, remember? He was the guy that wanted enhanced interrogation techniques and all those that practiced it put under a microscope and the specter of incarceration.

    I won’t quibble over any back slapping concerning OBL’s demise, if the dems want to portray themselves as johnny come lately terror warriors, that is fine, but considering the digs that was housing the creep, right under our noses for all these years, it just reinforces that Pakistan is and will always be the problem, US out of the Middle East now.

    Obama has always been the prototype opportunist, he will wring the most mileage out of this as is humanly possible.

    As an aside, last night on O’Reilly Peter King connected the biggest dot of all by saying flat out that waterboarding led to the demise of OBL, oh boy, here we go.

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  26. AlexInCT *

    heh, look at this: No bounce for Obama after the death of bin Laden. My bet? The non-democrats, since the dems be with him no matter what anyway, saw the grandstanding and the clear politization, and are turned off.

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