Housekeeping (site stuff)

As you may notice I’m still adding/fixing/installing things. WP offers maybe a few thousand easily-installed options, so that will probably be a forever-OMG-it-never-ends process. BUT: I did finally get Facebook logins to work alongside the other social connect options, so that’s good. Also, I’m still pushing y’all to go to and get one. Use the email you used here and everything will be peachy-keen.

Members; I know the ant-spam system can sometimes be overbearing but so far it has protected the site against 2199 spammers. In what, a week? I feel the two or three false positives are worth me having to go in and manually fix your account in exchange for killing that many bots and Chinese spam farm employees.

Authors: TAG. YOUR. POSTS! I installed an automated tag suggestion system…do that. Tag! If we’re ever gonna get any Google juice, tags are essential!

So…anything we want to see that isn’t a feature yet? Wide open for suggestions.

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  1. AlexInCT

    Hey Jim,

    Pardon me for the ignorance, but what steps do we take to tag posts? Is it as simple as selecting the Add All option or do you want us to create tags?

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  2. JimK *

    Okay, first let me check something before I tell you: when you are writing a post, do you see a section under the main post area marked “tagaloo?”

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  3. AlexInCT

    Yes I saw it. I just chose to add all the recommended tags to the post. Wanted to make sure that’s what you wanted.

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  4. JimK *

    OK, just making sure it’s showing up for you…I’m admin so I see everything, just wanted to make sure that it was there for you.

    Adding them all may not be good, some of them often aren’t really applicable or can be REALLY long. But add the ones that you see that you know are about what your post is about. And you can always add your own too. there’s a space for that just above where the tags that have already been added show up.

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  5. JimK *

    Okay for the fucking life of me I cannot figure out how and why that cool silver nested comments box does or doesn’t show up. It’s almost frigging random at this point!

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  6. Rann

    Okay, I have no clue what it is in particular causing it, but since the site changeover my Firefox crashes have gone up… oh… a few hundred percent. Always while I have a tab of Right Thinking open.

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  7. Miguelito

    Aha! There I though it did it.. which it did (my reply didn’t seem to be under yours) until I re-loaded the article.

    Is that maybe what you’re seeing? The uber-cool-special ajaxy web 2.0 bits that make the reply show up immediately seems to lack the threading/indentation, but loading up the article again seems to render properly.

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  8. Rann

    3.6.17, and yeah, Adblock Plus with various lists, and Noscript. Right-thinking itself and googleapis are allowed in noscript, I’ll prolly add gravatar now that I notice it’s on there.

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  9. JimK *

    Might be that. Or the AJAX-iness of various things. I tried it on 3.6, 4, ie 8, chrome and in some online emulators…Haven’t seen a crash. Wish I could be more helpful…

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  10. Rann

    I’d do that, but I have several “vital” plugins that would stop working because of incompatible version notification, or whatever it’s called.

    There’s a way to keep them from doing that, but I haven’t done it in so long I’ve forgotten how. As I recall, it used to be posted on Right Thoughts, but I think the link to that article is broken.

    Jim, if you’ve got the archive available, could you comb through for that one and repost it? Google-fu has thusfar failed me.

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  11. Rann

    Seems to work, though it does require a bit of finagling afterward to get certain things into place and updated to newer versions. Firefox 4 is weeeird.

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  12. richtaylor365

    Jim, just wanted to let you know that I had a dickens of a time re registering. The new site would not take my old user name and password. Even After registering at Gravatar, the new site would not let me in (kept saying user name invalid). I even re registered with my son’s email address, it took the new address but said it would send something to verify, never did. There is no place on the new site for “help”, or “contact site administrator” for help. I bet there are lots of old members that can not get back in. I finally created a gmail account with a totally different user name, this way worked for me. It’s frustrating because I can log into gravatar and it shows a username that Right Thinking not only will not accept, but says is invalid.

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  13. richtaylor365

    Another suggestion, one of the things I liked about the old site was that, upfront and prominent, you could see which members were logged in at that time. Much like working in an office and you walk by the break room, if it is empty then you are more prone to just walk by and keep working, but if there is a crowd there and they are all yucking it up, having a good time, you are more apt to stop in for a cup of coffee and and chit chat for a bit. Let us see who is milling around, thanks.

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  14. JimK *

    I’ll add some kind of email contact thing so people can get me for cases like this. Now that you have a working login, if you edit your profile you can make the display name whatever nickname you want, so it can match your old one.

    Sorry for the trouble, but the spammers are in an all-out war on blogs and sometimes the good guys take a bullet…

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  15. richtaylor365

    I completely understand, and for those that might also be having trouble getting back in (like those with yahoo mail, where no site verification gets through), just generate a new email address with gmail, you can back door it and hopefully keep your same user name. But the “help” tab would be a nice addition. You the man.

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  16. Hal_10000

    I apparently have comment approval for some stuff. Just approved poosh and hist_ed, so they should be good now.

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  17. richtaylor365

    I realize that we are still figuring things out here but one thing that is a bit confusing is that with most other blogs (and our old blog) when a comment is added, it is put at the bottom, easy to find. When you click the “reply” button to address a certain comment, your comment gets put somewhere near the comment you are replying to, which will be in the body somewhere and not at the bottom. This makes it so that you have to hunt for it. If the thread is popular and lengthy, this process is time consuming and clumsy. I think it would be easier if people did not use the “reply” button but just make a separate detached comment and if necessary you can use the quote button for direction to another members comment. just my 2 cents.

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  18. JimK *

    I had this AJAX comment refresh thing installed, and I think it was preventing the page from refreshing after you hit submit and then jumping to the comment you just posted. I’m replying to test it now…

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  19. JimK *

    Yeah the AJAX-y refresh is actually causing some harm rather than being awesome. I just disabled it. It’s supposed to save thrashing the server to refresh comments, but I’m not seeing much of a performance gain or loss with it. But enabled it;s messing up formatting, so I’m killing it for now.

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  20. JimK *

    Okay…that didn’t fix it but I am still leaving the AJAX refresh off for other reasons.

    I get what you’re saying re: finding comments. But to give it up means giving up threaded comments, and I gotta say I like threaded better than non-threaded. What I think would solve the issue is if the page jumped directly to the comment you just posted upon refreshing. I’ll look into it.

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  21. Rann

    I’ve sort of got an idea for a site feature, reminded because of the archive trawl I’ve been doing elsewhere, but also some comments people have made lately.

    How about a site feature called “The Best of Lee”?

    Besides your own choices of his old posts, you could have people mail you suggestions of his old posts to nominate them. Then, every Friday or every other Friday or on the first of the month or whatever, just pop one of those suckers up there.

    I’m not sure how the whole wordpress thing works, but maybe you could even set up an automated script for it instead of having to do it by hand. Drop the entry in a queue, fiddle with any necessary formatting, and just leave the site to post it automatically.

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  22. JimK *

    DEFINITELY want to do the feature. I suppose some automation would be possible. I think I could create an RSS of just posts he personally authored in EE, then have a plugin read that and draw one randomly and post it on a schedule, with a custom title beginning like “Best of Lee: (Original post title here). Which sounds easy just to say, but I don’t even know it it can be done. But I will start looking. Seems like something that should be able to be done.

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  23. JimK *

    So here’s what I have learned: EVERYONE has this “comment refresh to the specific comment” issue, and it’s tricky to solve. Often depends on the theme you;re using. I’m going to contact the Graphene creator and see if I can’t come up with a solution. I looked at the code myself but what should fix it is in there and it ain’t workin’.

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  24. richtaylor365

    I did notice, it looks great, but I have a rookie question for you. When it says “17 guests”, does that mean there are 17 lurkers out there, 17 people looking at the site that did not log in, or does it mean a total of 17 logged in members. Thanks again for fixing this.

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  25. JimK *

    it usually means 17 people who aren’t registered users but also aren’t search engine bots. Lurkers, people who aren’t logged it and of course…spammers. :) or rather… :(

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  26. richtaylor365

    Jim, another possible glitch, although maybe it’s just my computer. I added a comment under Alex’s last tax post, it included a quote from Screamin, who posted a comment before me. I then logged out and did some business. When I came back (still logged out) I noticed that not only my comment was not listed (either in the post body or in the “recent comments” section on the right) but Screamin’s comment was also missing. Naturally I thought I had an Alzheimers moment, but when I logged in, there they were. So I did an experiment. I logged out and they were missing again but when I logged back, there they were. Whether a person is logged in or just lurking, that should not effect the comments displayed, correct?

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