About Last Night

A few more thoughts about last night:

Is it appropriate to celebrate the death of a human being? As Fallows said: “It is almost never right to celebrate a death. Almost.” I would not describe the celebrations going on in various cities as celebrating a death. I would describes as a profound relief and a deep satisfaction. Justice has finally been delivered.

Mostly it’s a feeling of vindication: a feeling that the death and maiming of so many of our best has been redeemed in some way:

There was a break in the kitsch. One man right next to the White House gate held up a picture of a young man in uniform and a folded flag — the kind of flag given to a family upon the death of a soldier. The man holding this was Thomas Cowen, a security contractor, and the man in the photo was Sumner, his late son. Sumner had fought in Iraq, gotten injured, and been sent home. While home, he took his life. When he heard the news about bin Laden, Thomas felt like there had been “vindication” for his son.

“My boy did what he needed to do,” he said. He went on to talk about how proud he was that bin Laden was killed by Americans, and as he talked, he was constantly interrupted by young revelers tapping him on the shoulder and thanking him.

Nothing can ever bring back those we have lost. But if, indeed, this is the breaking of Al-Qaeda, we can know that their sacrifices led to this. The leader of the vilest terrorist network in history has an American bullet in his brain. This has to weaken our enemy and make us safer.

There are many images and videos from last night. But this is the one that I find really striking: our leadership huddled around laptops watching a livefeed as they gambled they could bring down a monster.

They did. Well done.

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    I am a bit uneasy with all this loud celebration,it does kinda remands me of the Palies and other Muslim fantics, who celebrate3 and cheer every time a attack success against a western target.

    in addition i have to give credit where credit is due, teh Obama Administration did a good job. Sending in the SEALS with orders to kill, not capture, was show of understanding of the problem we face with these fanatics. Bravo Mr President, well done.

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  2. Section8pt2

    I’m all fine with the celebration. There used to be a clear line between just ordinary people, and thugs, but not anymore, people can’t tell the difference, and even worse, we’re not supposed to point it out in our bend over and take it in the ass society. Fuck Osama, and I have no problem with these celebrations. If they were partying it up over some random bombing of some school kids, I’d say that’s a problem, but this guy was an asshole, our top enemy, and he’s dead. Time to open a beer.

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  3. Hal_10000 *

    I said this in the other post, but he could have dropped a smart bomb on him. Sending in the SEALS meant we could be sure we had him, be sure he was dead and bury ourselves in a treasure trove of intelligence on his computers.

    Boing Boing is having some fun. My favorite is the classified ad or the compound.

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  4. Orpheus

    It was a very courageous decision by Obama. A smart bomb would have been the easy way out, but he rejected that in favour of a unilateral military operation inside another country – which could technically be seen as an act of war. He made the right choice even though it could have gone disastrously wrong. Bravo indeed. Whatever you think of Obama’s policies, he deserves massive kudos for this one. Somehow I can’t see Bill Clinton making the same choice.

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  5. mikedomi39

    He made finding OBL a priority, and did it, W had him at Tora Bora and blew it. And I see no reason not to celebrate a victory for justice.

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  6. hist_ed

    I am a bit uneasy with all this loud celebration,it does kinda remands me of the Palies and other Muslim fantics, who celebrate3 and cheer every time a attack success against a western target.

    Fuck that shit-it’s time to celebrate. I hope you can differentiate between cheering the death of a mass murderer and the palestinian fucks cheering the beheading of a 4 month old baby.

    If not, get your head screwed on right.

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  7. Poosh

    I’m glad your president made the call. Finding OBL over our other objectives is pretty stupid but – predictably – its emerged this has been in the making for 4 years, from information taken from Gitmo inmates. I’m pretty disgusted at the the fantasy that this is because of Obama, we live in a pretty insane world.

    Bin Laden was of little value compared to others. America has caught or ended far more valuable targets. But I praise America for taking him down.

    What I am alarmed about is the fact that your president quite clearly and blatantly created a Photo-Op in the Situation Room. The photos – one of which was posted above – is disgusting, and it’s shocking how easily Obama is getting a pass for this: a classless act, unworthy. But hey, he’s gonna get the credit now so great…

    From the left, Obama has been given a pass of clearly violating a countries’ sovereignty.

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  8. Hal_10000 *

    IT’s funny. The reaction from a lo on he Left — Sully has a rundown here — is almost sad. It’s an example of why I could never be “of the Left”. Regarding this as a sad moment or even, as blogger ridiculously put it, as “murder” is so incomprehensible to me. This was a man who had declared war on the US, demonstrated the ability and willigness to kill thousands of innocents and to whom many terrorists owed personal allegiance (see Easterbrook’s debunking of Lefty talking points).

    We had not only a duty but an obligation to kill him. Dragging an engaged combatant back for a show trial is not the way these things work.

    I even find myself disagreeing with Radley Balko, who said Osama got everything he wanted. I am appalled by some of what has been down in the WOT. But things are not irreversible. He wanted us to fall, to show our weakness. We didn’t.

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  9. AlexInCT

    We had not only a duty but an obligation to kill him. Dragging an engaged combatant back for a show trial is not the way these things work.

    It is the way it works in the mind of the leftists that despite the evidence to the contrary believe that freedom and laws can be better protected and preserved with an army of lawyers than as has always been the case with a real military force. Wars, the military, and killing bad people are so old school. Courtrooms for all! Idiots the lot of them and their belief that without the ability to project force laws mean anything.

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  10. loserlame

    I’m told Islam is the religion of peace and love, and all, and Bin Laden wasn’t the typical Muslim the US made him out to be:

    2nd May 2011

    The announcement this morning of the death of Sheikh Usama Bin laden has been met with joy in the United States and by other enemies of Islam and Muslims. I would like remind everyone that someone much better and much more significant then Sheikh Usama Bin laden passed away in the past, namely the Messenger Muhammad (saw) and that this never stopped the Jihad nor the spread of Islam to the East and West. Indeed the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said that the day of judgement will not come until a group of Muslims conquer the White House.

    The US, in turn, is just as Bin Laden advertised, and it needs to fall.

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  11. Rann

    You know, it’s pretty amazing that this Muhammer dude saw 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue coming from way back then. Man, if the Koran is that insightful, I ought to buy a copy and make a fortune in real estate.

    “Oh, you need to buy this plot of land to build a temple dedicated to all western evils which the glorious chosen ones shall one day occupy? Sure, I’ll sell it to you… for ONE BEEEEELYUN DOLLARS!”

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  12. balthazar

    It seems you are implying that Bush didnt make it a priority?

    Also, BUSH blew it at Tora Bora? Ever think that maybe the Pakis were tipping him off even that far ago?

    I know your smarter than that comment Mike. Bush absolutly made it a priority to capture UBL, he just made the mistake of trusting our “ally” in the region with too much info on the what where and when of how we were going to try and get UBL.

    I dont think anyone here said he DOESNT deserve credit, I think BHO made all the right calls in the killing of UBL even down to the burial at sea. Taking ALL the credit is where he loses people, and his current approval ratings reflect that people see thru the smoke and mirrors.

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