Breaking – Osama Bin Dead

ABC and others are reporting that Osama bin Laden has been killed.

Burn in hell, you fucker.

More to follow. The President is about to speak.

Update: I’m up way past my bedtime, but will dash off a few quick paras and then think more about this while I sleep.

This appears to have been a carefully planned and perfectly executed operation. Eight months in preparation to nab this guy. The boys in JSOC came through big on this one.

It does, again, illustrate, the problem of Pakistan. This guy was hiding in what I understand was the equivalent of a ski resort within a thousand feet of a police station. It was like he was hiding in Tahoe. Some Pakistani factions knew he was there; others helped us get him.

The long term effects are unknowable. I expect an short-term escalation from AQ. But long term, their hero is dead, having claimed his 72 science fiction convention attendees. In the end, that has to hurt them. And I’m glad it does.

Oh, yeah one last thing: America, FUCK YEAH!

Update: Some details on the raid. And the tweeter who accidentally witnessed the event.

Update: Joe Sheehan:

Here’s what I do know: in those last moments, Bin Laden proved himself a fraud. This supposed leader of men, of a movement, of jihad, this dispenser of lies about the glory of killing innocent people, killing yourself, this half-man who’d sent so many to their deaths from the safety of caves and protective details and a coterie of believers, who faced his enemies not on the floor of a government body or a field of battle, but in videotapes and e-mails…this man’s last acts on Earth were to save himself at any cost. Men had strapped themselves to explosives, immolated themselves, launched themselves into death at 500 mph for him, and in the end, they did these things for a coward. Bin Laden’s last act was to grab a woman and place her in the line of fire in an effort to steal a few more seconds of life.

Osama Bin Laden was a fraud. He didn’t believe his own hype, didn’t throw himself into his own fight secure in the knowledge that his god would reward him for his courage. He tried to cheat death by using a woman as a human shield, and when that failed, went down without so much as taking out one of the Americans he’d so frequently declared his mortal enemies. In the defining fight of his life, Bin Laden proved to be neither soldier nor general, but just another flawed man lacking the courage of his convictions. Don’t mourn him. Mourn the men, women and children who died for the myth that he was so much more.

Update: One more point. Given how we know this went down, Obama could very easily have done this with a smart bomb. Instead, he chose to go in, shoot Osama in the face and get his body as proof that it was done. It was the right choice; now no one can deny that the fucker is dead.

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  1. West Virginia Rebel

    NBC reporting that he was hiding in Pakistan (surprise surprise.) Killed last week?

    Geraldo just looks too happy over on Fox.

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  2. InsipiD

    He apparently wasn’t hiding in a cave, but a nice house in Islamabad. This could get really interesting with Pakistan…

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    hopefully his death will not turn into a rallying cry for the islamists. I fear taht coudl happen, however its been a week,and Al-Qaida’s various organs should have known something happened.
    brace your self guys. but enjoy the moment.

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  4. Rann

    Oh god, “seared into our memory”, that completely threw me out of immersion. Or whatever.

    Having some problems with reading off his teleprompter. Wonder if it’s typos or just that he hasn’t had time to practice.

    Wow, he actually managed to stick up for Bush. That… was not something I expected. I was mostly wondering if he’d manage to avoid the temptation to slag on him. (Maybe he was too busy taking credit for what he did accomplish.) Still, that was a bit of class I did not expect from him.

    I actually liked this speech. Too many of his “good” speeches are actually veiled attacks or empty, insincere constructs designed to deflect blame and build his image. This one was decent bordering on good.

    Honestly, I just feel… tired, hearing this. A little drained. I’m happy, but there’s a feeling of anticlimax. It’s been a long, long, very long decade.

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  5. Seattle Outcast

    Considering what a pack of assholes Pakistan is, and since we’re blowing the shit out of everyone else in that part of the world, why haven’t we installed a puppet government there?

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  6. Orpheus

    My favourite joke so far – Rumour has it Donald Trump is demanding the release of the long form death certificate.

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  7. Technomad

    “Here, meanly, with almost no display,
    Bin Laden’s corpse at last was laid away.
    While all my friends and family sneered and spurned,
    I wept—I had so longed to see him burned.”

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  8. Hal_10000 *

    muirgeo, you can have your handlers read the reports to you. The first movement on this happened four years ago. Do you remember who was Prez four years ago? Obama deserved a ton of credit, but Bush played a part.

    This is America’s victory, not any party’s.

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  9. AlexInCT

    Thanks for not disappointing Moogoo. I always knew that the rabid idiots on the left would react exactly as you just did, and you again proved me right. And can I assume that if al Qaeda retaliates after this you will not blame Bush, but stick to your guns and blame Obama getting the kill against Bin Laden for that too? Me, I will blame al Qaeda and the crazy cult they follow, in case you are wondering.

    Seriously, Obama deserves kudos for letting the military bag him. I would still have preferred they had wrapped UBL in pig skin, doused him with Long Island Iced Tea, then lit his ass up under a banner welcoming him to hell, but for you to pretend Obama isn’t able to claim victory today because of all the work that went before it, is quite insane. It’s a repeat of the citory in Iraq, and nothing more.

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  10. muirgeo

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  11. JimK

    Wow. You just make up your own version of reality about *everything* don’t you? “You fuckers” tried to, and I quote, “coupe” FDR? We tried to put him in a two-door car?

    Anyone here at RTFTLC ever try to put FDR in a two-door car?

    I never paid much attention to you before, but I am now. I’m going to say this to you ONCE, and you can either listen or you can pull this shit again:

    You can argue about politics all day. You can even be a bit of an asshole. But this stupid habit you have of generalizing the absolute WORST traits of individuals from history and applying them to the people on this site?

    IT STOPS NOW. Not in your next post. Not tomorrow. Now. You don’t get to tell us we’d side with Hitler. You don’t get to make up horrible things about these people and then accuse them of shit they can’t, aren’t and would never be responsible for. You don’t get to use my server and this website as a platform to be a cunt 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Grow the fuck up. Argue like a man, not a little bitch. Use facts and logic to construct an argument, and use colorful language and hyperbole as an accent, not the core of your goddamned existence.

    If you don’t like my rule, then you are free to fuck right off. I will gladly kick your pathetic little ass off this site without a moment’s hesitation. It’s not my preference, however. I’d prefer that you remain passionate and defend your positions but that you remember that there is a line.

    Lastly, this is not a negotiation, nor is it a debate. You will do this, starting now, or you will be gone.

    That’s my last word on the subject.

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  12. Seattle Outcast

    I see no reason at all that he can’t be both. Though I think “total fucking idiot” is far closer to the mark…

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  13. muirgeo


    Your site …your rules. I respect that. Lee is what made me like this site better then any right wing site. He was a great guy, a great writer and had an open mind and the funniest foul mouth ever. I don’t think he ever replied to my bullshit and I’d like to think I earned a bit of respect from him even though we may have disagreed on much. I was very saddened after coming back to the site to find he had passed. The fact that there are a lot of atheist type freethinking folk hear that told me there are independent thinkers here with open minds and for that I like the site. I am JUST like any of you here. I voted Reagan, Reagan, Bush, then the libertarian guy before I started voting democratic. I have plenty of republican friends I party and travel with and I love my hard core republican brother and my republican father in law. I love my 2 daughters and my wife of 25 years.

    I love this country and I am passionate in my belief that the Republican party leadership is selling this country to corporate interest. I hate being called a communist or a socialist… I DO NOT shop at Walmart because I think that is supporting communism. I do not hate the government if it is OF, BY and FOR the people. I love government of, by and for the people but we have lost that. I hate a government that has been taken over by corporate interest and I hate that corporations are now considered people. And I hate that corporations control so much thought in this country through the media, think tanks and right wing radio.

    I feel many good people who vote Republican are being hoodwinked into a lower standard of living for themselves and for our children to the benefit of a small elite minority.

    I know what it is like to hate democrats…. I was sick when Barbara Boxer first won office…. now I actually see her a as hero. I used to love to listen to Rush Limbaugh… now I find him more than any other single person alive responsible for the decline of America….

    Anyway enough for now…. I am all about passion, logic, truth and intellectualism and I curse a foul streak as a tribute to Lee.

    I am proud of my President and I love America. Oh and I love the Navy seals and tonight I will hug the retired Navy Seal who runs our Tuesday night poker tournaments for the Air Force base. I will high five many retired military tonight and thank them for their service and think with pride for the time I served as well.

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  14. Rann

    So Jim rips you a new one and suddenly it’s “I loved Lee, I love this site, intellectualism and rationality is the hallmark of the site, I love our troops, I’m just worried about you guise, honest!” Fucking seriously? He just ripped you a new one because you were screaming “Fuck you guys!” and calling us all Nazis.

    After that post, you have the ball-balls to reply by saying you love the site, you love the posters, to try and play on peoples’ feelings for their late friend and acquaintance? And then throw in a pack of the biggest liberal bullshit you’ve dropped to date?

    You are either a troll or one of the worst people I have ever had the misfortune to interact with.

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  15. richtaylor365

    Muirgeo, see, this is why so many people call “bullshit” to most of your stuff. You say you voted for Reagan, twice, yet, you can not grasp his most important message, “Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem”, yet you still champion the socialist utopia of cradle to grave coddling like some doe eyed liberal arts major. You are a caricature, someone made up, who uses provocation for it’s own sake. i can not believe anything that you write, sorry.

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  16. Miguelito

    I love this country and I am passionate in my belief that the Republican party leadership is selling this country to corporate interest.

    Actually, I pretty much agree with this. The R leadership right now does suck. However, you’re ignoring that the Dem party is completely in the bag for some corporations (GE & GM come to mind) and is absolutely in the back pocket of the massively corrupt unions in this country today.

    And I hate that corporations control so much thought in this country through the media, think tanks and right wing radio.

    Ha ha ha.. yeah, “right wingers” control the media. Aside from talk radio and perhaps FOX, the media is blatantly left wing.

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  17. Rann

    Ha ha ha.. yeah, “right wingers” control the media. Aside from talk radio and perhaps FOX, the media is blatantly left wing.

    He strikes me as the sort that belongs to that little subsection of liberals that actually believe the media is right-wing because it’s not as left-wing as they are.

    Basically you’ve got someone who’s hardcore left, who imagines themselves as reasonable and centrist, who therefore sees slightly less hardcore left as biased right, the normal left-wing as too conservative, and the actual right-wing as flaming gonzo extremist nuts.

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