Will they call this guy a racist too?

Harry Alford, president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, blasted President Obama’s anti-business administration in an explosive interview with Laura Ingraham.

Still think Obama is pro-small business when he is pissing off even the black vote? Just wow.

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  1. samsgran1948

    And don’t forget Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Star Jones and Thomas Sowell — all black, all popular columnists and all strongly disapproving of Obummer and all his works. And then there’s Alan West, Alonzo Rachel and Marcus Lloyd, good conservatives all although they are black. And let’s not forget the National Black Republican Association.

    But there does seem to be a special category for blacks who wander off the reservatuion: Uncle Toms. Liberals seem to hate “Uncle Toms” even more than they hate “racists.” Libs might not be able to call these people “racists”, but they can sure try to grind epithets such as “Uncle Tom”, “Porch Negro” and “Oreo” into their faces.

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  2. Rann

    Y’know, I realized awhile back the real parallel to the relationship between liberals and black Americans, but…

    Let’s just say it’s really controversial and leave it at that. It is, admittedly, shockingly insulting, because when I came to the realization it shocked me with how insulting the Democrat approach to black people was. But frankly I worry that even voicing the comparison would be a little too much and it’s probably best to just not go there.

    I considered posting it but decided finally it was probably just better not to. And so you get this pointless little comment, because it felt weird to put all that work into typing, then just delete it and close the window.

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