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  1. Rann

    Already kicking things back into “If you don’t like Obama you’re racist”. Wow, getting started early.

    Also, I find it funny that it’s racist when white people (and black people, but the media’s done a good job of covering that up) bring weapons to political rallies, but racist to tell Black Panthers they can’t bring weapons to city council meetings and polling places.

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    I have to agree – they never really stopped the “racism” shit. Even Whoopie Goldberg is “playing the race card”, as if anything she’s ever done has meant anything at all to anyone.

    As far as the Obamatards are concerned, the ONLY reason to be against Obama is “racism”.

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  3. Nexus

    More threats against this President than any other? Is there any evidence of this or is he just blowing smoke out his ass?

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  4. Rann

    No, that’s been pretty thoroughly debunked. Obama gets about the same amount of death threats as anybody, including Bush.

    It’s kinda funny how the mainstream left will use the same urban legends as some of the dirtier parts of the right. Some on the right have been known to use it as a justification for “proving” what a bad/divisive President he is. Meanwhile the left uses it to to “prove” how evil and racist America is.

    It’s really rather brilliant. It’s less trying to convince anybody and more trying to remind the Democrat base to do their White Shame duty. “Your people are the evil ones! They’re the ones threatening Obama! You have to make up for them by voting for him! Even if he hasn’t kept his promises, even if he hasn’t helped the country, even if since he got in office you’ve lost your job and have no prospects of getting another one, you have to give him a second term or you sided with the racists!”

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  5. AlexInCT *

    To me this election, like the last one, IS about Obama’s color, and that’s RED!

    Ignoring the fact that the guy is a died in the wool indoctrinated believer in all the shit that came from that idiot Marx and the many goons that apllied his belief to the masses, I want to point out that I told people that if Obama was elected we would be seeing far more red in our budgets, and he immediately set out to make my prediction look tame.

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  6. samsgran1948

    I have to agree with you, Seattle: the screams of “ra-a-a-cism!” never stopped. One of the guys over on the old Moorewatch forum predicted right after the ’08 election that the Obummers would label any dissent as “racism”. I honestly thought the guy was wrong at the time, but two years and a few months later I have to admire his progostication skills.

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  7. Seattle Outcast

    I ran into some idiot today that was claiming Obama was real “pro small business”, and dared people to prove otherwise. I was simply dumbfounded – this person actually believes that Obama has been “good for business” on all levels.

    The stupid, it burns….

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  8. samsgran1948

    I own a small business, and believe me: sales have gone no where but down since Obummer was coronated. The only good news I’ve received since the ’08 election is that the Repubs beat down that stupid $600 in purchases fiat. I would have had to cap my purchases from my small suppliers at about $590 to avoid paying my accountant to do all the paperwork.

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