Open for business

Imagine this was London, late December 1940, and Jerry has just given up for the night. That siren you hear? It’s the all clear. Register your accounts, people, and have at it. Sure, I’m still building things, but at some point I had to just say “Ok, time to stress test with people.”

Stuff to know:

  • I recommend everyone register at with the exact same email you are using here. That way you can set up an avatar. The benefit there is you can use that at all Gravatar-enabled sites where you use that specific email address.
  • Forums are integrated with the main site, so registering for one enables the other.
  • Please fill out as much info as you are comfortable with in your profile, and check the forum profile editor as well (it has more things to fill out). The more ways we can find each other, the more community we have. Yeah, I know that’s vaguely “community-organizer”-ish but please don’t call for my impeachment. :)
  • If you see a button for voting – such as at the bottom of posts or in individual comments – vote! Use ‘em.
  • Blogads are dead to me. I didn’t realize Wonkette owner Ken Layne also owned Blogads. Don’t know how I missed that news in 2008. Whatever. Dead to me. So yes, there are some of those big G ads on the site that i think I’m not supposed to talk about. I will not be offended if you did what you had to do to not see those.
  • I’ve eliminated, split or combined some of the old categories. My goal is to see us use broad categories and tag our posts for specifics.
  • The old site, as well as Lee’s china blog and Moorewatch, are all available off the sidebar.

If you have any issues or suggestions, use this post as a suggestion box. I’ll be around all day and night working on this, that and the other.

Nothing to do now but get back into our regularly scheduled Thunderdoming.

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  1. Kimpost

    Cool. Just registered, and will have a good look around. I noticed though that you can’t click into the archives of Moorewatch. You get the frpnt page, but beyond that all you get is.

    Not Found
    The requested document was not found on this server.

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  2. Rann

    What about your usual April Fools joke about the size of your dick? Or is the dick smaller now that you’ve lost all the weight? n.-

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  3. Rann

    Oh dear lord. Not only the long-coveted edit post function, but we now have Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down?!

    Man. Muirgewhatsit’s comments won’t stand a chance, now.

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  4. Rann

    Oh, by the way, I decided to do a readthrough of Lee In China, and one of the first things I saw is that WoW goldsellers have got spam scattered in the comments. You or someone you trust may wanna do an archive crawl with admin rights to purge those.

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  5. sahrab

    So i’m new to this format, love the edit button but what does the “in moderation” mean?

    and if i’m in moderation does that mean i’m in purgatory until it gets “approved”?

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  6. JimK *

    Actually, the rule is for every 30 lbs you lose, you gain (the appearance) of an inch. Right now my dick looks like it’s dragging the floor.

    No. Really. I swear.

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  7. Rann

    I suppose it depends on what definition of “dick” it’s decided is being used.

    Muhuhwha may be in the clear because he does try (if not succeed) at participating and making a point. He uses links (even if they’re to pages with no credibility or rationality), he stays (sort of) on topic…

    He strikes me as someone that has learned, even if not consciously, to stay juuuuust within the bounds of the rules. Basically, if one were to apply it to real life, he’s staying just within legal bounds of being a jackass and pestering people to keep them from kicking his ass without legal repercussions.

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  8. InaneGoldfish

    I’m not sure i like the new format, but I suppose i will get accustomed to it quickly. Thank you for all your hard work.

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  9. Hal_10000

    The one thing I need to grok more is the format w/ previews and clicking for the full post. I kind of liked the flow of the old one. At least our RSS has the full posts.

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  10. AlexInCT

    The commentaries in theis post reminds me of the “Team America”, “Pussies, dicks, and assholes”, speech…. :)

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  11. JimK *

    There’s a comments RSS too, which, for the first time I see the point of. I can see immediately what’s going on, which will help keep me from missing comments that need a reply, etc.

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  12. JimK *

    Did it give you any error? Or call you a spammer? I just checked your IP and it doesn’t trip any warnings or anything…

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  13. JimK *

    So weird. Email me w/your current email and I’ll manually add you to the system, then you can log in to change the password after.

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  14. JimK *

    Hey, how do we like that slider thing that features the 5 latest posts going by? Good to attract attention? Taking up space? To me it seems cool from a design standpoint but it might be “cool for cool’s sake” and not really adding functionality.


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  15. Rann

    Little hard to say. I don’t think it works because I’m used to loading the site and immediately seeing either the latest post or a sticky at the top. So yeah, it seems a little “cool for cool’s sake”. But dunno if that’s just because it’s not that good on its own, or because it’s yet more change.

    I’d say it’d only really work if there were a pic to go with each post. It works for some news sites because they generally include at least one image with every story, but we don’t have that factor to make it more attention-getting.

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  16. stark23x

    Hmm. Good point. No pic, not a lot of attention to it. Think maybe I’ll dump it.

    I’d say it’d only really work if there were a pic to go with each post. It works for some news sites because they generally include at least one image with every story, but we don’t have that factor to make it more attention-getting.

    Also testing simplified tag thingy.

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  17. Seattle Outcast

    Off to Honduras in 8 days to spend a week diving my ass off. Nothing quite as relaxing as taking pictures of the reef at 60 feet under…

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  18. captcbleu

    Dammit I work hard on being a total dick, some times it is necessary as a security officer to be a total dick to those that are just dicky to begin with. I guess I could moderate a bit….I think that my head will explode from the future built up pressure though and take a few with me in the process.

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  19. sahrab

    ok kewl thanks!

    I originally came to this blog after visiting Bowling for Truth , there was a link to Moorewatch and then Right Thinkking from the Left Coast (intrigued by the name).

    That had to be… 6-8 years ago?

    Anywho i’ve been a long time fan and supporter of the blog. Found someoen that had the same … liberterian/conservative ideals that i had and didnt cotton the religious aspects that had/are taken over the “conservative” party. When Lee passed on, i was worried that the site wasnt going to be the same without the “Leader” (lol). Glad to say i was wrong.

    Jimk thanks for all your help in keeping this site running, its not easy but its VERY appreciated!

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  20. TxAg94

    Thanks for the hard work, JimK. I think I like the format but it does appear to me that the font is smaller. Am I imagining this? It definitely seems harder on my aging eyes.

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  21. Miguelito

    I was in the same boat… but JimK hooked me up. Thanks Jim!

    Clearly there’s a glitch in that math/captcha bit though. I even slowed down a couple times and made sure I didn’t do something dumb. Since the HTML looked like it pulled numbers but then used a db ref or something to get the proper answer, there’s likely a mismatch there.

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  22. Seattle Outcast

    I’d be willing to friend a number of people here on Facebook if they want to see my dive pics and generally see what sort of a boring doofus I am in real life.

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  23. JimK *

    Yeah, one thing I didn’t want was that standard “mobile” WordPress thing. Yes it loads fast as fuck. Yes it’s easy to use on 3.5-4″ phone screens. But it’s goddamned ugly and I hate it. All the variations suck too, and this is 2011. We almost all gots the 3gees, the wifis or now some have the 4gees. Fuck mobile versions of websites.

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  24. West Virginia Rebel

    I don’t understand why so much stuff has to be geared for mobile devices now that it has to look that way by default. People do actually still use PCs and laptops.

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  25. drunkkus

    I’m real. I promise. And not a total dick. I don’t comment as much as used to, but I still read regularly. Thanks for all the work, JimK.

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  26. Rapid_Roy

    I just found this, I was out of town and Moorewatch disappeared.
    Thank you Jimk, I hope you and yours are doing well.

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  27. Kimpost

    Well, look who the cat dragged in! Good to see you. Did you go through Jim to find us, or did you manage it yourself using your black belt in Google?

    I hope Rachael is well.

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